Long Live The King — Black Panther Graphic Novel Debuts June 5th 2018

The graphic novel Black Panther: Long Live the King, written by Nnedi Okorafor and illustrated by André Lima Araújo will be released June 5th. It includes a 3-issue storyline and the Ngozi (as interim Black Panther) one-shot.

As the Black Panther and an Avenger, T’Challa has had to save the world time and again – but those duties pale in comparison to his responsibilities as king of Wakanda. As the nation rebuilds in the wake of revolution, T’Challa finds his people besieged by a massive monster tearing through the country, leaving a trail of destruction in its wake!


Nnedi Okorafor, PhD is a Nigerian-American international award-winning novelist of African-based science fiction, fantasy and magical realism for both children and adults. Her books take you on deep soulful journeys and touch on Afro-futurism. A good fit for the world of Wakanda and the future of the King.

André Lima Araújo is a Portuguese comics creator and architect. He is the Creator of MAN PLUS and has been the Artist of Spidey, Avengers A.I., Black Panther & more for Marvel books  Araújo has a website,   where you can check out galleries of published work, original pitches, character designs, and purchase artwork.

I’m looking forward to this book! You can preorder your copy on Amazon or at your local comic story, and start reading it now on Comixology!

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