40,000 Pre-orders in just 4 Days!? LG G6

Coming off the hype at the MWC on Feb 26th, Lg announced it’s next installment in the “G series” the G6, which first launches in Korea on March 10th, has already 40,000 units pre-ordered, which if you do the math is 10,000 per day. This suggests that the new and updated specs (below) have caught the eyes of many consumer in the past 2 short weeks. LG has statedĀ “The LG G6 has sold more than 40,000 in four days since it began its pre-sale sales, and it was predicted that it will hit the market. Especially, many dealers are keeping a high interest, such as ten thousand average book sales per day on many weekends”. This looks like it could be a greater success than the v20 was when originally launched, those numbers were nothing to sneeze at but weren’t off the charts amazing.

The G6 hasĀ a 5.7-inch QHD+ FullVision screen (2880 x 1440 pixels resolution) and an aspect ratio of 18:9. This is a upgrade compared to the previous 16:9 aspect ratio of G5 and previous models. What does this mean? Well, gaming, streaming, YouTube, etc will have a much more immersive feel, and an overall generally better look. The meat and potatoes of the device would have to be its Snapdragon 821 processor, 4 GB of ram and dual 13 Mp cameras. Oh yeah, I did forget about the IP 68 rating for water resistance which is a new feature everyone and their momma has been strapping on to their phones. The only down side is that the battery is now non-removable, which shouldn’t be a deal breaker for some consumers given that removable batteries and water resistance haven’t quite gone together in years past.

These specs seem great, but lest not in this case forget about the disappointing sales of the G5, which LG praised as being amazing, so keeping one eye open might be the way to go despite the numbers coming out of Korea right now. It’s going to be a race between LG and Samsung, with LG having the lead in terms of release date, but Samsung hasn’t been one to sweat the time frame, gaining following based on their brand.

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