Entertainment: Depression’s Kryptonite

Depression is: “feelings of severe despondency and dejection.” With that out-of-the-way, there has been an increasing amount of ways to either “get rid of, deal with, or handle” depression throughout time. In my experience there seems to one approach that seems to have a very positive outlook and result and that is entertainment. Let me make one thing clear before we continue, there is no clear “cure” to depression, but there are ways to ease the mounting pressure it can present on some people’s minds and bodies. Entertainment is one of those ways, this is how we introduce ourselves to you. Entertainment, keeps the mind active, alive, and thriving in times where darkness is the main focus and sometimes the only surrounding friend. Books can and sometimes full readers into worlds of their own designs without limitations the real world can imply on happiness or imagination.

These books, thought to be old fashion have made a roaring come back within the past years with authors of powerful wordplay, minds, and most importantly magic. At this point you might think I’ve romanticized the abilities and effects of positive entertainment on depression as a “cure all” or some sort of potion that takes care of everything, and that’s okay. It isn’t a cure-all but it holds a very specific attribute to link recovery to its main purpose and that is relate-ability.  Let’s start at books, shall we? As previously stated, books can submerge people into a world like they’ve never known before. A place where their troubles, heartaches, and depression truly don’t exist, where they have characters that might even be similar or just like them, face the same troubles and come out at the end on top. In just this first example, there is incredible amounts of opportunities to heal, cope, and grow for a person just picking up and reading a simple book, or hearing it through an audio book.

Entertainment is in everything we do, the way we interact in today’s world, and a big part of it is gaming. Gaming is growing faster and faster even in today’s age of technology. The social media has fully integrated with gaming, and now finding friends to play with or gaining new companions is easier than before, thus further adapting to depression by social conversation, mixed with gaming, and an higher mental state. Let me take a step back from sounding like a medical journal, it’s just plain fun honestly, it gets people hyped up about simply communicating, interacting, and making sure everyone knows how they can make a 12 year old’s kid crash down around him and tell him, his mom is a nice lady…This brings us to comic’s and movies. These two things are sometimes interchangeable (Captain America, Logan, The Avengers, The Dark Knight), and in these exchanges creates a sense of friendship with people who are strangers by the simple love of entertainment.

An example would be Penny Arcade Expo simple known as PAX, which we will be attending this weekend. It is at its core, a convention of strangers who have gathered for the sake of talking to other strangers about entertainment they love. Well, when it’s put like that it sounds crazy right? It’s something that breaks the stereotypes of “stranger danger” by mental “forcing” the interaction, and breaking barriers or apprehension. As you can see by now these things (Movies, Comics, Games, and Books) are all interrelated and connected to each other through simple daily use, discussion and interactions with others. Lastly, it is the technology aspect that brings them all together. Computers, Bluetooth, phones, tablets, etc are the things that keep you connected to others, enhancing the coping we’ve been talking about, strengthening bonds without even being realized.

In conclusion, this entire article, wasn’t just a subject explanation, but more of our mission statement. We are here as entertainment but more importantly, to bring people together for the things we all love to do. To look at reviews, news, and all things interesting in today’s growing world of interaction. We thank you for being here, we like you for your opinions, and we love you for staying with us.

P.S – Below are links to some authors and narrators websites that are highly respected, easy to talk to and have produced some great works and are continuing to more and more.

Luke Chmilenko – Ascend Online & Hell to Pay

Blaise Corvin – Delivers LLC,  & Luck, Stat, Strategy

Gregg Horlock – Difficulty: Legendary, & Tinker, Tailor, Giant, Dwarf

James Hunter – Viridan Online series,

Harmon Cooper – The Feedback Series

Jeff Hays – Narrator: Wizard Scout series, Delivers LLC and many more.


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