For Honor to get New Ornaments Starting March 9th

Cosmetics. Cosmetics. Cosmetics. It’s what makes us stand out in the world of gaming. Whether it’s to boost stats or simply just to look good, cosmetics in games over the years have come a long way. During the For Honor live stream, it seems Ubisoft sees that with their For Honor fan base, they will be releasing new helmet ornaments starting March 9th. Now these ornaments like the others will be available to buy via steel so start saving now!

Warden Class

The warden class will be “knighted” with a new “Dragon Ornament” (father of dragons much?).

Lawbringer Class

Lawbringers will be hailing hydra with the new “Hydra Drake” ornament.

Conqueror Class

If you’re a conqueror, I’m pretty sure you’re not quiet when taking out enemies or zones. At least you can have some tranquility with the new “Silent Warrior” ornament.

Peacekeeper Class

When you float like butterfly you should also sting like a bee….or hornet. Peacekeepers will keep dancing with the new “Death Hornet” ornament.

Nobushi Class

This one seems a bit off but hey it’s a new ornament either way, noboshi class will be getting the “twin crabs” ornament.

Orochi Class

If you ever played dominion then you’ll know that this class is EVERYWHERE! Its only fitting that new ornament should be called the “octopus” ornament.

Shugoki Class

This bad-ass helmet ornament is a demon on top of another demon sort of speak. (Is Demon inception a thing?) Properly deemed the new “horned demon” ornament.

Kensei Class (my personal favorite)

I’m alarmed to see that this ornament was everything short of awesome. Alas it’s new and if you want to slice players in half swinging your katana looking “fabulous” you can do so with the new “Gold Butterfly” ornament.

Valkyrie Class

With a studded jewel in the center and two detailed horns, I must say this is probably one of the more detailed ornaments of the new batch. This one’s called the “Jeweled Horn” ornament.

Berserker Class

What better way to announce that you are a berserker than to have a skull on top of your head! The new “blood skull” ornament is sure to turn heads!

Warlord Class

Need to look more intimidating? Look no further! The new “Iron Reavers” ornament will do the trick.

Raider Class

Raiders will get a new yamaka-style skull ornament named the Deathguard”.

Ubisoft also announced a new emote as well called “Whirlwind” that’s being released at the same time as the new ornaments. Surely with these new cosmetic additions you’ll begin slaying your enemies in a more fashionable way. Happy Hunting!!


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