Chronicles of Elyria: Straight Outta Pre-Alpha

At PAX East this weekend, the team over at Soulbound Studios were showcasing in all their glory. Their first title called Chronicles of Elyria has been on the hype train for a while. Their marketing as far as I’ve seen it has been all digital, as well as targeting mmo websites, and gaming in general, it boy has it worked. At PAX East they showed off their Pre-Alpha for everyone, and for being in Pre-Alpha the showing was impressive to say the least. They were brave enough to let twitch players to run it, but every criticism has been taken in stride. Below is the game play and commentary of the speed run.

All in all, I’d say they had a great showing with a great crowd and most importantly, an understanding player base already established and patiently waiting for the next update, alpha invites, screenshots, and dev notes. If you’re new, and don’t know what the hype is about concerning this game, let me answer that for you. This is as far as I’ve known the first and only mmorpg that actually lets your character age and die. If you eat too much, you will gain weight, if you run, jump, fight, exercise you will lose the weight, etc. With that being said, your status, health, and mental faculties of your character will be totally by your choices. If you just can’t wait for more news from us and want to take a peek around, here’s their website with all the upcoming goodies in mind.

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