Dead Cells: Hack & Slash’s Love Child

Dead Cells is labeled as a “rogue-vania”, let me explain what this means. The developer, Motion Twin, explained that Dead Cells combines the Metroid-vania (Castlevania) type of game with a rogue-like system as well, and this is where the term “rogue-vania” originates. This is the love child of Metroid as the mother, Castlevania as the father, and raised with Dark Souls as the uncle. Your goal is to ascend an ever-changing tower with the the hope, and I use the word “hope” lightly, of reaching the top. I’ve never been one keen on games like this where there isn’t a direct story concluded with a satisfying if not cliché ending (Rpg, guy right here), but this one pulled me in. This game wants, rather “needs” you to die….and I mean A LOT. Once you die, you start over from the beginning, but don’t fret, you can make yourself stronger over time, and hopefully…get to the top.

This isn’t just another copycat hack n slasher, within the game, each weapon you use tries to correspond to its real world counterpart. An example of this would be the bow and arrow; when you are about to fire there is an actual second that goes by while you pull the string back. You will not be able to just spam your index finger until everything is dead, you will have to actually take time with each weapon you’ve come across to figure out the best way to use it and it’s drawbacks.  This puts a whole other aspect of game play in motion. In closing, this game has the potential for serious reply, over, over and did I mention over again? I will be stalking this religiously and once I can get my grubby hands on it, there might be a missing stick on a milk carton somewhere for how long I’ll be M.I.A.

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