FFXV: Episode Gladious First Impressions (PAX EAST 2017 Trailer)

Remember back in Lestallum when Gladio said he had “other business to take care of” and just left the party? All without any explanation or rebuttal from the group. Episode Gladious is sure to clear that up. Square Enix over the weekend released the new trailer which you view below.

Apart from the new UI layout, the gameplay dynamics for Gladio’s seem to be¬†pretty fluid. It’s appropriately matched for Gladio’s character and his persona in the game. The added option of a “rage meter” and strong offensive attacks make this first DLC feel like a mix of Dark Souls and Devil May Cry. Love it!

Now as for the story, we won’t spoil anything here, however, the trailer does show Gladious working with Cor Leonis to get through what appears to be a trial for im assuming Gilgamesh. Apparently Gilgamesh the legendary iconic swordsman now only has one arm compared to several in previous Final¬†Fantasy series. Maybe they are “conjured” like everyone does with their weapons? (All is connected to the crystal magical power after all)

Alas, we won’t know for certain until March 28th when it is released officially.


Via: Final Fantasy XV YouTube

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