Pax East 2017 Wrap up and Recap!

PAX East comes to Boston every March or April with astounding glory. In its wake, it brings scores of developers, businessmen and women, advertising, consumers, and most importantly, fans. For those in the east, it is their one time a year where they can travel a handful of hours, and find people from all walks of life to converse with, laugh with, and of course discuss obscenely nerdy things with. This is the one thing everyone looks forward to, the merchandise, panels, and of course getting their grubby hands on those precious games! Let me tell you, there just wasn’t enough time in the day to explore it all, but I’ve managed to find some that have caught me eye in the mist of this crazy techno-jungle.

The Chronicles of Elyria has been on the mmo hype train for a while and let me tell you, Soulbound studios plays the part of the conductor. I might be “fanboying” here you might have to forgive me. That being said, its been a great Pre-Alpha trip for their team. While presenting this extremely unpolished but quite put together speed run, developers were answering any and all questions everyone had and actually wrote down constructive criticism on with pen and pencil…Let me say that again, with pen and pencil. It might be a small detail to some, but to me for dev’s to write things down in the middle of the chaos speaks volumes. It represents that they are serious in taking the public’s opinion and inputting it into the game at some point between Alpha, Beta, and full release.

Another one that caught my eye and was great talking to was the dev team at Dead Cells. They are working hard on their project and looking well, well…amazing to say the least. The game play is fast, eye-catching, and detailed. In today’s age of games, hack n slasher’s have sometimes taken a back seat to story driven, immersive arcs with engaging characters that take hours to tell. Well let me tell you, this game and these dev’s aren’t taking a backseat to anyone! They are in your face with their project and you know what? You can’t help to like it!

In closing, There has been so much to see at PAX East, that we didn’t have time to cover everything, but a couple of gems have slipped through the crack and are there, in┬átheir glory. As I say this, please don’t fear! Below is a list of a couple of games that weren’t mentioned here that you can feast your eyes on, buy, research, and over all enjoy, but I know I surely did!



Super Cloudbuilt


Decay of Logos


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