What You Should Already Know About Xbox Play Anywhere

With Sony recently adding the ability to allow streams of old games from PS3 to PC vs just the PS4, Microsoft isn’t to far from the bandwagon. In fact, during Microsoft’s E3 2016 event, they have unveiled their new love child; Xbox Play.

With Xbox Play, players will be able to download, not stream, old and new titles to any Windows 10 device that a developer of that game authorizes. This means you won’t have to rely on the strength of your internet connection to make sure you beat that boss and save immediately right after like you would with PlayStation Now. Not only that but the game you purchase or pre-order from either Windows 10 or the Xbox app would be playable through either platform. As long the user logs in using their Microsoft account, Xbox Play titles (compatible ones) and vice versa would be playable (sweeet!).

Now will this work with physical game copies?

Short answer is no. Honestly, that actually makes sense too. According to a quote from Aaron Greenberg:

“It is specific to digital because we have to be able to associate your account with the product. When you purchase ReCore digitally in the Windows 10 Store on Xbox One, that game will be tied to your account. When you go between multiple devices, we’ll be able to say ‘this is your game, this is your game library.’ We’re only able to do that digitally today.”

So it could be in the works at some point in time, but for now digital copies are the way to go. Some retailers may have a digital code you can buy from their stores, but it looks like the best option would be to use the official Xbox Or Windows store.


My PC sucks, that’s why I only game via console, but I like this idea, will this be a problem? 

Hate to break ot to you but it sure will! Just like PC gamers are as only good as the rig they’ve bought or made, Xbox Play is essentially under the same umbrella. If your PC doesn’t meet the minimum hardware requirements, you will not have a great experience or even any experience at all. Best save up those coins for a decent setup!

What about my game saves, my controller, my online friends, and my Xbox achievements? Will they carryover to PC too? Or will I have to start over with everything?

Great news is it’s all in the imaginary cloud! So your game saves, data, and achievements all carry over from wherever you left off in the game. Except your buddies of course they shouldn’t be up there. Now if you mean will you be able to play multiplayer games with your friends, that’s a whole different beast in itself. Right now, players of Halo Wars 2 and Gears of War 4 have that luxury, however, for future dated games old and new, that would be up to the developers. As for your Xbox one controller, it will still work with Xbox one or PC. You can even choose to use your keyboard and mouse or another controller that you favor for PC usage.

That’s all there is to it folks! So far the list of compatible games has been growing incrementally since Microsoft’s announcement last year.


Click here for the full list of games so far


Via: Windows Central, IGN




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