The Flash Recap With Spoilers: Into the Speed Force

In the words of Buzz Lightyear, erm… Cisco Ramon, “To Infinity and Beyond.” This week, Barry traveled into the speed force to rescue Wally after last week’s trickery by Savitar, the self-proclaimed Speed god.

Warning! There are Spoilers ahead, so proceed at your own risk.

This week’s episode of the Flash starts off with Barry telling Cisco to prepare the Breach Room because he is about to travel back into the Speed Force, this time to bring back Wally. Team Flash is worried that they will not have a way to bring Barry and Wally back from the Speed Force, but HR throws up a surprisingly genius idea. HR and Cisco bounce around the idea of creating a tether to bring Barry back in the event of trouble or when he finds Wally inside the Speed Force, and back to Earth-1 they go. Julian adds that they can add a biological piece to monitor his vitals remotely, similar to normal.

In the hallway, Barry notices that Iris is no longer wearing her engagement ring, and she is calling off the engagement.

In the Breach Room, Cisco uses the halo device, like what is used to communicate with Savitar in the Speed Force, and vibes Barry into the Speed Force. He coins it as “Goldtooth” as opposed to Bluetooth since it is used across the multiverse. Barry finds himself in a version of CCPD, and he is greeted by the face of none other than Eddie Thawne. Of course, this is not the real Eddie, but it is the Speed Force “wormhole aliens” that Barry encountered the last visit to the Speed Force.

Back on Earth-1, Iris lets Joe know that she may have made a mistake by calling off the engagement, and in typical Joe fashion, he tells her to do what she feels is right.

Eddie lets Barry know that due to his promise of dealing with his mother’s death and then the subsequent meddling with time, thus resulting in Flashpoint, the Speed Force is not pleased with Barry. After a severe guilt trip on Eddie’s death, a speed wraith shows up, and Barry needs to run fast enough to evade the wraith. Barry outruns the wraith and heads into an elevator. Once he emerges to the sound of a crying baby, he sees Caitlin holding and rocking a baby. Barry begins to ask Caitlin if this is her baby when Ronnie emerges behind Barry. This is the baby that they may have had if Ronnie did not sacrifice himself between seasons 1 and 2. He tells Barry they need to talk.

Back on Earth-1, Julian and Cisco are analyzing the piece of Savitar’s armor that Barry broke off last week when he was stabbed in the shoulder. Despite Jesse’s best efforts, Cisco and Julian decide to wait for Barry before pursuing Savitar.

Ronnie lectures Barry on how he has let others make the sacrifices for his problems when a big problem shows up: Black Flash. Barry notes that this is Hunter Zolomon, but he is not even a shred of what he was before. After fighting for a short bout, the Black Flash pins Barry on the ground, and he starts to seemingly drain Barry’s life from him. Barry says, “I love you, Iris,” and he takes off his emblem and dispatches the Black Flash with it. The problem here is that this means the tether to Earth-1 and his vitals monitor are no more.

Barry wakes up in another place and sees Wally behind a set of doors. When attempting to open the door, an ice blast prevents it from happening. In appears none other than Captain Cold himself, Leonard Snart. Snart explains that Wally is in a temporal loop of his most awful moment of his life, his mother’s death. Snart blasts Barry with the cold gun and pins him to the wall when in runs the Crimson Comet — Earth-3’s Flash — Jay Garrick. Snart is going to shoot Barry again, but Jay knocks him out of the way.

Jesse suits up on Earth-1 with the piece of Savitar’s armor in hand. She tells it to bring her to Savitar, and off she goes. She speeds off in pursuit of the armor piece when she finally meets up with Savitar. The two go at it, and clearly, Jesse is outmatched. HR reveals he is on the comms and comes to a stark conclusion, why does Savitar wear the armor if he is a god? HR tells Jesse to look for a weak spot in Savitar’s armor and exploit it. Jesse sees that his neck area is glowing blue without a whole lot of armor. She jams the armor piece into his neck, hurting Savitar and forcing him to retreat. FINALLY! Someone wounded Savitar.

Back in the Speed Force, Barry is skeptical about Jay, but Jay reveals to Barry that Cisco vibed to Earth-3 and got him to help. The two speedsters enter the room with Wally, and he is saved — at a cost. Jay has decided to take Wally’s place in the Speed Force prison. Barry attempts to reason with Jay, but the veteran stands firm. Jay gives Barry his helmet to use as a tether to bring them back to Earth-1, and through the breach they go.

Barry tells Team Flash that Wally is going to need some time because of the traumatic experience. Jesse tells Wally that she is leaving Earth-1, and she is going where she is needed — Earth-3. Jesse says her goodbyes, and Cisco vibes Jesse to Earth-3.

HR then tells the team the results of Jesse’s encounter with Savitar. He is no god, but instead a man that can feel pain. This is surely going to give the team a new found sliver of a feeling of hope.

Back at Barry and Iris’ apartment, Barry admits he proposed to just save Iris, and this clearly was not the best motive for an engagement. Barry states that the two need some space, and he will be staying with Cisco.

Did we miss anything? How did you feel about the latest venture into the Speed Force? Let us know in the comments. Be sure to shout out any Easter Eggs too!

Tune in next Tuesday at 8 ET for a special Supergirl/Flash Musical Crossover episode. Trailer below.

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