Arrow Review & Easter Eggs: Checkmate

After Arrow took a week off from revealing the identity of Prometheus, Oliver discovers the identity of the man that has been hunting and playing with him since the beginning of Season 5.

Lace up your boots, draw your bow, and act like you’re Batman — it’s Spoiler time! Proceed with caution.

Show me the Spoilers!
Well, Adrian Chase is finally revealed as Prometheus as we saw on the previous episode of Arrow, but now Ollie knows his identity, thanks to Talia. Speaking of Talia, Ollie finally has a big WTF moment when she tells him her full name — Talia al Ghul.

Finding out that Prometheus, not Vigilante, turned out to be Adrian Chase even caught me off guard, and that is something that is a relatively rare occurrence. I was very impressed with Jason Segarra’s performance in this episode as Adrian. He dialed up the crazy and makes you want to hate him and kill him yourself. The brazen behavior that he exhibits in public to Team Arrow & Co is pure genius. The writers and Segarra nailed it.

Big question here is who is Vigilante? Will we find out this season, or wait until next season?

This episode led us on a rollercoaster to find out what game Adrian is playing to get to Oliver. He doesn’t want to kill Oliver —  he wants to destroy him. There are plenty of details that are still to be revealed. Hiding in plain sight while threatening to kill Susan was an excellent play, and I honestly felt bad for her for once this season.

The game playing by Prometheus, and the overall plot drove the episode this week, and this resulted in a relatively well-paced episode this week. Talia’s Batman Begins-esque training facility was a nice touch and Adrian killing his wife was very chilling, but Oliver being captured and seemingly going to be tortured by Adrian and Talia truly takes the cake.

Overall, Checkmate steered the season onto the right course by giving us unexpected WTF moments and great character performances while making us worry about what Adrian is going to do to Oliver. Is the Oliver that leaves his torture cell going to be the same Ollie that went in?

Easter Eggs

  • Talia’s Training facility looks a whole lot like Ra’s al Ghul’s League Training Facility in Batman Begins
  • Anatoly (KGBeast from the comics) sees Oliver dressed as the Hood and mentions “Whatever you think is inside you is inside you. You cannot name it like bat and keep it apart from you.” What a blatant Batman reference.
I think we may have our best episode of the season! What did you think of the mental games played this week? Did we miss any Easter Eggs? Sound off in the comments.

Meanwhile, take a look at the extended promo for next week’s episode. Is Prometheus going to bring Ollie to a breaking point?

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