Attack on Titan Season 2 To Be English Dubbed via Simulcast by Funimation

You heard that right folks! According to Funimation, they will be streaming the show live from Japan dubbed in English (new episodes of My Hero Academia and DBZ: Super will also be a part the Sinulcast). Personally I am not a fan of anything dubbed. To me an English accent doesn’t fit all anime characters persona at all, with the exception of Cowboy Bebop. At any rate I do understand other people’s plight when it comes to favoring dubbed over subbed. Not everyone can read and pay attention to what’s going at the same time. Some people can’t even focus on an anime of it’s not in English. That’s where simulcast comes in to save the day!

Season 2 Promo Poster by Funimation

The Simulcast by Funimation is slated to be released the same time as the first AOT season 2 episode which is April 1st. To watch the simulcast you would need to sign up for the service with Funimation. Now here’s the kicker, it will be streamed with advertisements. The ad-free stream, however, will cost you only 6 bucks. Not a bad deal i must say, but I will stick to my fan made subs thank you very much.

Show me Attack on Titan Season 2 Synopsis
“Eren Jaeger swore to wipe out every last Titan, but in a battle for his life he wound up becoming the thing he hates most. With his new powers, he fights for humanity’s freedom facing the monsters that threaten his home. After a bittersweet victory against the Female Titan, Eren finds no time to rest—a horde of Titans is approaching Wall Rose and the battle for humanity continues!”

Attack on Titan Season 2 will finally debut April 1st. You can get a taste of what’s to come with the trailer below.

Via: AnimeMojo, Funimation


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