Upcoming Nerdy (or Geek) Events around New Jersey

I figured we would take a break (a very small break) from our regularly scheduled programming to look at something that might be a favorite part of the day. Conventions especially smaller ones are a breeding ground for developing relationships. This is not for just promotional advantages, but small business owners, consumers, and event holds all thrive from these conventions. These things foster an atmosphere of relaxation and all together a sense of belonging, without further dragging on, lets talk about 3 upcoming events that are around the New Jersey area.

  1. South Jersey Geek Fest, April 15th, 2017

I have to be biased, this is by far my favorite local convention. This is because there isn’t truly a huge fan fare, huge advertisements, big box companies coming in to with huge displays, etc. Don’t get me wrong, I loved PAX East, but sometimes big is just too big (pun intended). This is located in Woodbury, NJ, and has a parking lot right next to it. There are prizes, cosplay, food, drink, toy, retro video game vendors, and more. When it comes down to it, the one thing that can be said is that if SJ Geekfest is one thing is that it is a good time.

2. The Greater Philadelphia Comic Con, April 7th – 9th, 2017

I know I said I liked the local conventions, but for comic-con, this is a local convention, nicely placed at the Greater Philadelphia Expo, in Philadelphia. This is local artists can meet some entertainment icons, comic book artists, as well as present their work to the public on a very public scale. As you can see there is a theme of helping others within this article. I’ve personally been going there for the past three years and will be going this year as well. It is a just a feel good comic-con without the claustrophobic comic-con feeling. There is time to¬†hold an actual conversation without the feeling of being potentially run over, I wish I was joking…Anyway, this will renew your faith in middle/large conventions if you’ve been had bad experiences with big/huge conventions, I’ve known those who have and are now giving everything another chance.

3. New Jersey Gamer Con/Amazicon – April 7th – April 9th, 2017

I know, I know, so many choices, so little time, right? This is another local convention, that has now moved to Wilmington Delaware, and teamed up with Amazicon for an even bigger, and better experience. This con is only a couple of years old so it’s getting itself off the ground and for the past 2 years, twice a year has gotten strong, learning, and growing each and every time. I think the best thing is that the owner of the actual con is always on the floor, asking if he could help, do something better, and learn. That in itself is something that should be taken into consideration, simply because he takes pride in what he’s created and making it grow for the fans.

There are so many events happening around this neck of the woods throughout the year, and below will be a couple of links to events happening. This article will be continually¬†updated and additional articles will be created to keep up with events as they come closer. Simply, awareness and preparation if always good, because knowing is half the battle! (Yes, that was meant to be in there….)

The Convention Scene

New Jersey isn’t boring



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      • ive gone each year except the first. Lots of cool vendors ranging from local book shops to artists and people that make little necklaces and crafts. They do new stuff every year – one year had a band which didnt work well but they cut it last year. Last year they had a sword fighting demo for cosplayers and actors, a pretty good food truck, and each year they have a cosplay contest. Chris Claremont came out last year and did a really great talk.

        Honestly it is one of the best cons in the area. You get to walk right up to Larry Hama and talk to him. It is crazy that they’re able to do it for free. This year there is a lot of indie IDW, Dark Horse creators which is cool, Amy Chu and some older Marvel guys. I haven’t been disappointed yet. They also have Wahlburgers food truck coming out and some other trucks. It is a crazy event and honestly well worth skipping the Saturday at GPCC and Amazicon.

        Im sure you could reach out to the promoter or someone through the website.

  1. Is there a place for retro game sellers in the marketplace area/floor in any of these ‘cons? Not sure iehovh if any would feel that the main focus would be diluted.

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