How to Defeat the Dread Behemoth in Final Fantasy XV

Final Fantasy 15 timed quest

As you know the Dread Behemoth quest ends tonight. After the level cap was increased to 120 and new weapons were made available for endgame users, I must say the replay value of FFXV so far has been pretty good. So for this timed quest the minimum even you’ll want be to complete this 100. This endgame boss is no joke.

If you haven’t beat the Adamantoise yet either I highly recommend you do that first before attempting to fight this beast. The item dropped by giant mountain turtle is none other than the “adamantite bangle” which gives any character you choose a super boost in hp. For me I choose to give it to Noctis to take full advantage of the royal arms “bow of the clever”.


In the video you’ll see I used overwhelm combined with the bow to deal 52-hit combo of critical hits. Combine this with the armiger and the chain link a few times and you’ll be sure to claim victory. Take note, this behemoth uses devastating blizzaga spells that can hurt like hell if you don’t evade on time.


I noticed also the best spots to hit the Dread Behemoth are under the belly and the spiked tail. Just watch out for the tail spin and the occasional jump into the air. You can easily avoid these attacks by warp striking the tail.


Best weapons and accessories to use (that I used at least) were the Engine blade, Balmoug, Bow of clever, and a quad Thundaga spell. I had Celestriad (reduces all elemental damage taken by 40% can be won at a diner playing Justice Monsters 5 for 99 trophy pieces) and the adamantite bangle on noctis which helped dramatically. Also, you honestly should worry about Noctis and Ignis in the fight. For Ignis you’llĀ need to have his overwhelm ability on to deal massive damage. If you can’t get or don’t have the Balmoug sword that’s fine a good sub would be the sword of the tall or sword of the father.

In the end this fight took me about under 2hrs to beat. It would have gone alot faster had I used only Thundaga but I unfortunately used a high level quad-cast spell that healed the beast. So just stick to strategy mentioned above and you shouldn’t have any problem defeating this magnificent beast!


Stay tuned for the next timed quest and Episode Gladious which releases Mar. 28th!



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