Final Fantasy XV Timed Quest: Midgardsormr & Hvitrormr “Snakes on the Plains”

“Someone get these mutha lovin snakes off these mutha lovin plains” …is what an edited version of Samuel L Jackson would sound like if he saw the giant snakes that are in this quest. In this quest you’ll be entering the fray at the “Ravatoghan Trail” against not one, not three but five giant snakes I call the “Zoolom” family.

There are three Midgardsormr who you should already be familiar with at level 54 and two new breeds called Hvitrormr at level 78 each. Just like the Dread Behemoth, I used the “bow of the clever” and overwhelm combination. The only difference between this fight and the Dread Behemoth is poison. Either stock up on 99 antidotes or buy the accessory “Ribbon” using “Oracle Ascension Coins”. These snakes love to spit a venomous stream of death at your characters so be prepared! Check out the video below for the full fight and load out used.

April 26th is the refresh date for the new timed quest. No word as to why such a long time had been set for the timed quest. My belief is that it’s due to Episode Gladious being released on March 28th. Square Enix might want to give players enough time to enjoy the DLC. Although it may only take an approximate 2 hours to beat the DLC, within the achievements list on Xbox One, it shows a mode called “score attack” mode for Gladio’s story. Maybe a page taken from Devil May Cry? We will see soon enough!

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