Cyborg’s Justice League Teaser and Poster

Cyborg banner

We finally get a good look at Cyborg in the latest and probably last Justice League trailer before the full trailer is released on Saturday.

And here is Cyborg’s poster

Cyborg poster
Click poster for full size

Cyborg’s teaser is the one that got me the most excited for Justice League. We got short glimpses of Cyborg before, but now we get to see clips of him in action and the best look at the character’s design. I’ve heard some criticism of the Justice League Cyborg not being as big as we’ve seen the character in other mediums, but I think this Cyborg could be a version 1 that could grow and evolve over time. Cyborg could also have a battle mode and a normal mode. We’ve seen other characters in more heavily armored outfits than normal (Batman), so it’s possible Cyborg has multiple states too. What do you think of Cyborg? Too much like Ultron or what RoboCop should’ve been (I kid, I kid). Let us know in the comments.

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