Go, Go, Power Rangers?…..Spoilers Optional.

As a 90’s kid like millions out in this world, I loved the Power Rangers. For me they were my first superheros before I knew for Superman, Batman, nor the X-Men were. That being said, I walked into this movie experience totally 110% wanting and maybe a bit hating this movie for what it stood for, and the curse it would put on my childhood memories. Lets just say when I walked out of this movie, nothing quite went the way I thought it was going to go. I will continue below, but my expectations were twisted, morphed and the effects were mighty indeed!

Story: 3.5/5.0 Stars

The story isn’t very original in its tells only because it’s within its core, a remake. With that being said, the story line was rehashed, and any original items that could’veĀ been thrown in there, I felt were left on the cutting room floor. Overall it was business as usual with how the story was brought out with someone who has detailed knowledge of the television show. If you were going into this not knowing anything about the power rangers at all it, the story would have maybe been cookie cutter-ish. An example would have been if the writers put story ideas on a wall and threw darts to see which one stuck, and that’s the one they went with kind of way.

Characters: 4.0/5.0 Stars

I honestly enjoyed each character as people but as they interacted with each other it became sometimes very obvious that they didn’t mesh well together at times. I did like the fact that all of them are generally young and unknown actors, and you could tell as the movie progressed the dialogue began to come easier.

Show me the Spoilers!
This is most obvious when Billy dies. The whole cast reacted with such genuine remorse and heartache that it looked like they puppy got ran over…yes, the feels.

This is something that I believe is very important when it comes to the development of the actor, not necessarily the character but how the actor grows on-screen. The actor RJ Cyler carries the movie’s tensions, laughs, and comic relief on his back for the ENTIRE movie, and loves every moment of doing it. I caught myself laughing, smiling, and actually at times, loving this movie despite my mental shields. Rita Replusa’s take on being a villain seemed like a good thing overall. Her back story was to be expected and her strength really laid in her back and forth between her and rangers. It make the scenes all that more interesting to see her control, and dominance of the world and everything in it.

Show me the Spoilers!
The social content was amazing! The yellow ranger being gay was throw subtly and the blue ranger being on the spectrum was interesting to say the least. The spectrum was the only one to actually play a part in the movie though, so far.

As more movies come out I feel like the story-lines will pull together become more engaging, and start gathering more and many different concepts via the writers and director.

Overall: 4.0/5.0 Stars

As I previously mentioned, I came into this trying to hate everything about this movie as I thought it would trample on my childhood, but is paid just enough tribute to the television and movies to plaster a smile on my face. The actors and their emotional parts made it fresh and new enough that young kids would come into it anew and love it all over again just like the 90’s. It was a joyful and most importantly, fun experience to watch all over again with popcorn and friends. I can’t wait to see the next movie in a couple a years just to see how everything comes about, go, go, go see the movie already!

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  1. Great review! I loved the show back in the 90’s and never could see anything past it. I haven’t seen the movie yet, so I didn’t read the spoilers. I gotta see it this weekend especially on this rainy weekend!

  2. Good Review my friend. I would only say that I’m glad that they didn’t only make this for the fans of the power rangers. Looking at the theater when I walked in it was filled with plenty of people in there 20-30s who grew up with the power rangers, but they also brought their kids who didn’t know what they were getting it and this movie was also made for them. Even today at work I had people ask me if the movie was good since they never watched power rangers and it definitely is great. Also. As a spoiler alert for those of you who haven’t gone yet. stay a bit later into the credits, about a min or two into the credits they have a stinger that gives us a bit of insight into the next movie. Also I like how they gave a bit more backstory and broke off from the series canon for a more coherent story overall.

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