Justice League Trailer: Justice for All

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No more teasers. The League is united. We get to see the whole team in action, and unlike BvS this trailer does not give away the whole movie.

There will be speculation and potential spoilers ahead. There might be some in the comment section too. You’ve been warned.

Show me the Spoilers!
We get to see Bruce traveling to find Arthur Curry in scenes that remind me of Batman Begins when he was in the mountains. Aquaman definitely isn’t the typical superhero we’re used to seeing. He seems depressed and enjoys more than a couple drinks. It’s possible that he was kicked out of Atlantis, and he is still dealing with feeling alone in the world. We get a glimpse of a motherbox in┬áSilas Stone’s lab along with one of Darkseid’s minions, a Parademon. It seems like a lot of Cyborg’s origin will be in Justice League. We’ve already seen the moment the motherbox joins with what’s left of Vic after his accident, and in the teaser and this trailer we get a glimpse of hit football career. Of course we get awesome fight scenes with Wonder Woman, and Cyborg can transform. For me the best part was when Bruce finally admitted what we all know is his real superpower, and seeing Jim Gordon for the first time is a close second. I was most surprised that Lois Lane will be in the movie. However, in BvS we did have the Flash travel through time to tell Bruce that she is the key. I guess we will find out why she is so important in November.

What do you think of the trailer? Does it show too much or just enough? Let us know in the comments.

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