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I’ve always been a fan of audio, to me it doesn’t need any specific form but I’ve always been partial to headphones. To be honest I’m listening to music as I’m talking to you beautiful people now. With that being said, I’ve always been a fan of focusing on my work and life in general, so when I come across a device that will let me effectively use the quote “two birds, one stone” it peaks my interest, to say the least. I stumbled upon Mindset a couple of days ago, and wanted to bring it everyone’s attention. The kickstarter project is in one word, impressive. With a goal of 100,000 and 9 days left, they’ve surpassed 450% and don’t seem like slowing down is in their mindset (not sorry for the pun). The audio aspect is made possible by Onkyo, so you know that the following is already massive. The company uses neurofeedback. Here is an explanation taken from their kickstarter F.A.Q “In plain English, neurofeedback is a form of training that uses real-time feedback of your brain activity to coach your mind into a specific neural state. Mindset’s neurofeedback coaches your mind into a state of deep focus by letting you know when you get distracted. Over time your brain learns to better recognize and tune out distractions, leading to deeper, more sustained focus.” That mouthful is something to behold, concentration raises without any real mental workout or other outside changes to lifestyle, which sounds great to me.

We here will be keeping on eye on Mindset and communicating all the goodies to all you guys as soon as we have updates and talk the company’s head off. Below is the links for their kickstarter, and Facebook, stay tuned.

Kickstarter: Mindset

Facebook: Mindset


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