DC Accidentally Confirms Superman in Justice League on Facebook: Updated


DC Comics posted this image to their Facebook page.

Does anything seem off to you? No? Why is Superman in an ad for Justice League movie figures? He died in Batman vs Superman, he hasn’t been in any of the teasers or trailers, and other than the Justice League IMDB page there is no confirmation from DC that Superman is in the movie. Here are some screenshots from their store just in case the figure is removed later. You can check out the store listing here and click the screenshots for full size images.

If you stick around after BvS you’ll see dirt lifting off of Superman’s coffin. It was a subtle hint that Superman might not be dead, and fans have long speculated this as well. It seems like DC Comics outed a huge part of the movie. We will update this if more info or images appear.

Update 3/30/2017: As many people have pointed out, yes Superman is in this very early image of the Justice League. While the DC Comic Facebook post may not be the first time we’ve seen Supes with the rest of the league, it’s interesting that he wasn’t in any of the teasers, posters, or the trailer from last week. We will keep an eye out for any information on a potential seventh league member. Don’t forget that the original tagline was “Unite the Seven”.

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  1. Soooo. Spoiler alert from 20+years ago.

    It’s not very dramatic if they bring back Superman right away. In the 90s this was huge. It lasted a while. There was the rise of the Supermen. Steel came out. Super boy. The bad ass Superman robot. If they are just going to bring him back next movie and do everything to spoil the tension then why do it.

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