Final Fantasy XV Episode Gladious: Overhyped? Or Nah? *Spoilers*

March 28th debuted the first of 4 episodic content for final fantasy xv. Having played and finished the story for the newest DLC, episode Gladious seems a bit lackluster. Don’t get me wrong I enjoyed the story and getting to know more of Cor The Immortal’s, back story, but something was missing.

Trying to fill the void, I tried the new score attack mode using the new abilities gained after beating the story (See video down below). Alas I still felt something was missing. It wasn’t the great gameplay feel of gladio, it wasn’t that the trials were not great, it was just a bit lackluster all around.

I honestly was expecting a lot more in the fight with Gilgamesh. Having all my characters at lvl 100, completed various time-consuming dungeons, I was expecting much more of a challenge. Even though the events take place in the middle of the game, I still feel the episode should have also included a back story of what Gladio did during Noctis’s 10 year hiatus before returning to defeat Ardyn. With the end of episode Gladio storyline comes your reward, the teaser trailer for the next DLC, Episode:Prompto due out sometime in June, a nifty new katana, and a new glaive arts ability we mentioned earlier called “Maelstorm”.

Although the latest DLC was missing to hit the mark, beating the score attack mode with 1,000,000 points seems to be a worthy achievement to shoot for. If you haven’t tried it yet, it’s a timed version of the trials “devil may cry” style. The enemies are harder than before and you now have to finish the trial within the time allotted to pass. Otherwise it’s game over.

In conclusion, with one new DLC in the books, I look forward to the next three in the coning months. I only wish is that the “maelstrom” ability and “column wreaking” be implemented in the main story line as well. If gladio at this point can randomly pick up columns bigger than himself, he should be able to do that at any point in time in the game in my opinion.

How are you liking the new DLC? Let us know in the comments below!


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