Dave Franco Talks Nightwing, Riddler at Cinemacon…

This dude has been busy! He’s wrapping up two films and has three more in the making. Phew! That’s a lot of time consumed in front of a camera, green screen, or in a recording studio, but he seemingly doesn’t sleep. With Young Justice Season 3 confirmed, he’s already in the mindset of different paths.┬áIn the interview for playing Nightwing he has been quoted saying “Absolutely, again, they could go to anybody, I’m here if they want me”. The thing with Franco is, he’s always open to new roles, he isn’t “type casting” himself, and the best part is that he is a comic nerd to say the least. With The Lego Ninjgo premiering and Young Justice coming up, he’s acquired a number of fans out there. He doesn’t seem to be stopping anytime soon.

Nightwing has always been on the back-burner for WB. However, for fans of not just Batman for DC and WB, this has always kind of been a “must have” but WB has never jump started the idea. They’ve tinkered, or thought about it, but never given it serious energy. With the Batman and Flash in limbo, the release of Justice League in November and Aquaman finally starting to go somewhere, things are sort of a mixed bag at the moment. Nevertheless, there is always hope for the success of Nightwing depending on how WB decides to manage things. Fingers crossed and lets keep on hoping!

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