Pacific Rim 2 officially wraps filming!

Ladies and gentlemen the end seems to be in sight for Pacific Rim: Uprising! It has wrapped its filming and now we all have our fingers crossed that too much doesn’t hit the cutting room floor. It seems the franchises small fan base is nothing but mighty. Although Pacific Rim made most of its money overseas, the hype around the fans is still very much real. As you’ve seen above, Steven Deknight has revealed through his Instagram that filming is finished and the real job begins, cuts. Post production is sometimes where a film lives or dies; however, I believe the boosted effort comes from John Boyega being the lead. His overwhelming support for this film will give the needed moral boost. Keep in mind, we still have a year left until the film hits our eyes. The only thing that might be an issue is that it is being released the same month Black Panther is. So, that might be some…well a lot of trouble. Only time will tell how high this soars or how fast and hard this falls. Nevertheless, like many others I will have faith and of course watch with some popcorn in hand.


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