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Many of you may be unaware at this point, but there is a game on Steam called Paladins. It was created by Hi-Rez studios and is currently in open Beta.

In my opinion it’s a direct cross between Overwatch and League of Legends. With the recent release of another major update, a review was needed to make you aware of it’s potential. The best part is, the game is FREE with no Pay 2 win layout! That’s right you heard me correctly… FREE!!! They offer a founders pack for $20 which unlocks all characters and future characters along with an exclusive mount, 10 radiant chests, standard voice packs and an exclusive beta skin. With that being said, let’s jump into the overview.

Fans of Overwatch will immediately notice the resemblance between the two games. Paladins is a first person shooter that uses map based objective game types. There are currently 24 available characters, all with their own strengths and weaknesses. They range from Tanks, Healers, Damage, Flanks and Support with many more to come. Each character has 4 moves and an ultimate at their disposal. There are currently 4 games modes available to play. Siege, which is a round based game mode where each team works to earn Objective Points to win the match. Payload, which is an Attack/Defend style game mode with two rounds. Also the recently added Survival, (my favorite) which is a round based death match game mode where players only get 1 life and it’s 5 rounds long. Finally last but not least PVE, which the rules and match type change. I have to admit, I have not dove into the PVE too much yet because the current game type “Mine field” is insanely hard if you do not have a healer that knows what’s going on.

Each match starts with a “store” looking at your League players now. This is where depending on which game mode you are playing you get a certain amount of skills to purchase right in the beginning. As you complete objects, get kills or eliminations, you can build up more cash. The store is based into 4 categories. They are Defense, Utility, Healing and Attack. They each have 4 things to choose from in their respective catagories. Some examples of skills in Defense you can pick are Haven, which gives you an increased 7% defense against direct damage. Utility has Chronos, which lowers the recharge rate of your moves, starting with 10%, Healing has Life Rip, which each shot heals you a certain percent starting at 10%. Attack has Deft Hands, among others, which increases your reload speed starting at 10%. All store bought items can be upgraded to a max level of 3. In some game modes, the store resets after every round and some let you keep them throughout the match.

Each character also has a card based “skill tree” if you will, where you can pick from roughly 20 different card types to accommodate your style of play for the character you like. There are 4 categories for each champion and they are usually based around that particular characters move set. Each card has its own rarity from common to legendary and the difference is mainly the cost to unlock it. I wont get into full details because all the cards are different for each character but I will give you an example. My favorite character right now is Torvald and one of the cards I use for him is Glyph of Health IV at level 4 which gives him an extra 600 life to start the match with. You choose from any 5 cards you want that start at level 1 and can be upgraded to level 4; however, you only get 12 points to work with. 5 cards at level 1 really only leaves you with 7 total points so choose wisely!

That’s pretty much the game, with the exception of a lot of unlockable content ranging from weapon and armor skins to voice emotes. This game has it all when it comes to content, currently 720 items to unlock. There is a lot to expect and look forward to in the future with this game. I highly suggest picking it up not only because it’s fun but also free. Be sure to check out this diamond in the rough on Steam by Hi-Rez studios and get in the game! It will be out for PS4 and Xbox One in the near future as well!

The only negative thing I have to say is unlocking things can take awhile but they recently implemented “Quests” and daily wins to help you get more coins.


Steam – Little Lefty

Rating – 4.5/5

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