Defenders – Teases Release Date


A new Defenders teaser trailer was released today and it was exactly that. A tease. Not much is displayed at all except one important date. The defenders are seen riding in an elevator at Midland Circle, which is the mysterious corporation in Daredevil season 2. Jessica then appears to spot the camera and smashes it at a convenient time on the security footage 08:18:20:17. Which appears to be a date of August 18th, 2017.  Also just for extra Easter egg material if you put that IP address into your web browser as follows: it takes you to New York Bulletin. The newspaper where Karen Page now works.

Credit to @artoopio for the trailer.

The video was taken down immediately by Netflix but can be seen anywhere. Thoughts? Are you excited for the Defenders series? Whose your favorite??? Let me know in the comments!

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