Hal Jordan is in BvS!!

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Just like Voltron season 3 being announced on IMDB back in February, it looks like we all missed the news that Hal Jordan was in Batman vs Superman. While he isn’t mentioned by name in the movie, movie credits, or on the IMDB page there was a role for the character “drone pilot”. Stick with me on this one. Yes, Hal has always been known as a test pilot that finds Abin Sur clinging to life, and that’s how he gets the ring and joins the corps. The fan theory is that making “Hal” a drone pilot was the writers’ way of updating the character’s backstory without completely breaking from cannon.

In the scene, Lois is talking to the War Lord, and they cut to a war room where the drone pilot is ordered to fire a missile on the compound. ONE SENTENCE SPOILER AHEAD… Superman swoops in, destroys the missile, destroys the drone, and slams down inside the War Lord’s compound. END SPOILER. In this brief scene we only see the drone pilot from behind, and we only see his shoulder and the back of with head. Stream the scene, pop in your blu-ray, or watch it via other means if you would like to see the scene for yourself. For obvious reasons we cannot post it on this page.

The actor portraying the drone pilot is Dan Amboyer. While the 31 year old actor doesn’t have the lengthiest or most impressive resume, this wouldn’t be the first time Warner Bros. and DC have cast  a relative unknown for a part. Henry Cavil and Christian Bale were relatively unknown until portraying DC heroes, and Ray Fisher (Cyborg) is pretty unknown. Casting an unknown also makes it easier and cheaper to sign Amboyer to a multi-movie contract. Looks aren’t the most important thing, but it’s tough to deny that Dan looks remarkably like Hal Jordan. While we recently received a Green Lantern movie in 2011, it would be nice to see Hal again. He is by far the most popular and most well known of all the lanterns.

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 Amboyer is also not opposed to hitting the gym. Scroll through his Instagram page (you’re welcome) and you’ll see plenty of photos of Dan looking ripped. According to Movie Pilot, Dan started hitting the gym in early 2015 and has packed on the muscle since then. He isn’t quite at Cavil or Affleck’s imposing stature yet, but he has time since the Green Lantern Corps movie isn’t slated to come out until 2020. It’s interesting that one photo was removed from his Intagram showing Dan in a Hal-esque jacket in what looks like a row of movie set trailers.

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Still skeptical? Here is our final clue. In a February 2015 interview with Pittsburgh Magazine, actress Christina Wren (Major Carrie Ferris in Man of Steel) said that she was going to reprise her role in BvS and revealed “here’s a character named Carol Farris who’s the Green Lantern’s girlfriend and turns into this superhero, Star Sapphire.” Wren did mention that Carol Farris becoming Star Sapphire hasn’t been confirmed to her by the studio as of the interview’s publication. There is a rumor that Carrie Farris is actually Carol Farris. So that would mean we’ve seen the Green Lantern power couple already. The way Wren worded her response doesn’t make it clear if there are Farris sisters or if Carrie is just a nickname.

There is also an infographic that cherry picks Dan Amboyer’s responses from an interview to make it seem like he accidentally admitted he is the next lantern. I’m not going to link to it because I can’t locate the source article. If you find the interview, please link to it in the comments.

Of course this is all speculation, but it seems like all the pieces are falling into place for Amboyer to take on Hal. What do you think? Is Amboyer going to wear the power ring next or are we all looking at his brief cameo too closely?

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