Mega Man “Anime” Debut Timeframe and First Pic Released

Nostalgia from the 80’s and 90’s appears to be in full effect this year with Mega man being the latest to try for a come back. Announced back in 2016, the new Mega Man anime is set to take on the early years of younger generations ages six to ten. Now having grown up watching the old show, I’m honestly concerned with how this is going to go.

The new image released of Mega Man shows how Dentsu Entertainment USA plans on continuing the Mega Man moniker, while catering to a much younger audience. I may not like this new take on the show, but I’m sure my five-year old will. Dentsu Entertainment will be working hand in hand with Man of Action, the creators of Ben 10, to bring Mega Man back into the fray.

The series will have a 26 episode run and debut sometime in 2018 on cartoon network.

Via: AnimeNewsNetwork

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  1. I for one am pretty concerned, once again taking something that is perfectly fine and making it modern. I honestly don’t like the way Mega Man looks in the picture. Oh boy should be interesting, in a good way or bad way remains to be seen.

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