One Piece Anime Cosplay Girls Unite! Lingerie & Swimsuit Line Coming Soon!?!?

OWhether you’re a fan of the anime or just a hardcore Cosplayer, the new One Piece lingerie and swimsuit line may fill your One Piece appetite. It will be available April 12th in the land of the rising sun. The Japan based company, Peach John, will be making various swimsuits and lingerie based off of the series iconic characters like Nami and Hancock.

The company plans to make other clothing in the future such as “roomwear” or lounging around clothes for males. They undoubtedly will be made in the image of Luffy and crew. Currently the price tag for the bra or swimwear sets will range from $60-$100 a piece. The beautiful clothing will be available on Peach Johns online site and in brick and mortar stores soon! So hurry up and start giving nosebleeds out to the masses!

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