Teen Titans: The Judas Contract

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The Teen Titans are back in a big way, but was it good enough?

The story revolves around the newly recruited Tara Markov or better known as Terra. She was the illegitimate daughter of the King of Markovia and was experimented on by Dr. Helga Jace. Terra through all the experiments gained Earth manipulation powers. This gave her the ability to control all forms of earthen matter. The story also focuses on Deathstroke, who needs no introduction, and Sebastian Blood.


Is the newly recruited Terra friend or foe? What does Deathstroke have planned for our Titans? The movie starts off with a flashback of the Teen Titans when they were younger and had a slightly different team. The flashback shows the titans just finding Starfire for the first time. They included Wally, Bumblebee, Robin (Dick Grayson), Speedy and Beast Boy and the scene unfolds opening to present day. The team now includes Nightwing, Starfire, Damian Wayne (Robin), Blue Beetle, Raven, Beast Boy and Terra. Can the team handle what Deathstoke throws at them? Who is the mysterious Terra and what exactly is Sebastian Blood planning? Watch the movie to find out!


I must say my only real gripe with this movie believe it or not is the weird constant sexual references. It was definitely over the top. I can understand romance and sexual references from time to time, but this was a little much. Other than that, the animation was really well done and the voice acting was great! Oh, did I mention that Kevin Smith is in the movie? He plays a talk show host as himself and interviews Beast Boy. The story itself was good, but it did not blow me away. The same outsourced big bad guy thinks he’s a god and wants to prove it. No real twists or anything and it’s all pretty straightforward. It is worth a watch though. Check it out and let me know what you thought in the comments!


Rating 3.5/5

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