California Crisis (1986): Only the Rad 80’s could give us this…

Looking for classic ova film that should’ve given us more? Well you’ve come to the right place. California Crisis is colors and details to a vintage California with a highspeed chase, cat & mouse theme. In a sense, from the time this was released in the mid 80’s, the details pop and explode with vibrancy. Very few animes during that time era used this style of anime visuals. Like I said earlier, the plot is fairly simple and nothing complicated. Nohara, a young man living in California just drinking and chilling away his prospects comes upon a girl while driving his nasty little red 50’s Mustang. They crash off a cliff from being chased by what looks secret service/kgb or something similar. They find a strange object with an unusual connection to the Death Valley. They go on what seems to be a chase for their lives to protect it as well as themselves. The chases are definitely close calls and these individuals evade or escape some of the craziest situations. Without ruining it, I’ll say that its worth a watch. Don’t shun it until you watch it. The only real issue with this film is the short 55 minute length. With its ending, it will make you ask for more! Sadly; No more, no more.

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