Gotta Catch’em All!

A new Pokemon Go event has kicked off today. Heavily focused on Eggs of course! Just in time for Easter. It’s a week long event starting April 13th at 1 p.m PT and ending April 20th 1 PT. Get up and go to your local parks!

One of the biggest parts of the events are the 2 km eggs. That’s right the most common, lack-luster eggs have the most significant importance. During the event players will find a lot more rare and uncommon Pokemon hatching from their 2 km eggs. Additionally, not only will you see better Pokemon, but they will also drop more candies.

The next part of the event is everyone will earn double exp for everything you do! To top if off, all Lucky eggs will also be half price.

This is a promising event and should attract players back into the game. It’s the latest event since the Water Festival which saw Pokemon trainers frantically trying to get a Shiny Magikarp. By the way, did you get one? I sure as heck didn’t. Good news is – it’s still out there and can be caught. I want my Red Gyarados!

Keep on grinding out there guys. Most of all, have fun! Let me know what you’ve hatched in the 2 km eggs in the comments! I’m curious to see what’s in them!



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