New Final Fantasy XV Update Arriving April 27th; New Ranking System?

Ever since Episode Gladious (or the gladdy daddy show according to some lady fans out there) debuted, the timed quests were “stopped”. My only guess is that Square Enix wanted gamers to enjoy and focus on the new DLC content instead of rolling through it so quickly or being overwhelmed with too much to do at once. With April 27th being right around the corner things are once again going to change with more to do!

I have to admit I’m really impressed with how well FFXV is doing replay value wise. Your really stretching out those ten years it took to make this game huh Square Enix? Now for the good stuff!

The PlayStation 4 edition of the game will be getting a new PS4┬áPro mode or “stable mode”. This will ensure gamers get the full visual output of the game with a consistent frame rate. So that means Prompto and the guys will be looking super fly-er in the mode. (Probably not) Plus, a new ranking system for the timed quest will be released (which you see in the screenshot above), along with a few previously exclusive “special weapons”. No specific details were made about how the ranking system actually works. In addition new stickers, new music and some subtitle text changes have been made.

New Timed-Quest Daemons!!

Although we don’t know how the new daemons will react with the new timed quest at the moment, be sure to stay tuned for an update and how to guide to come!

Via: Gamatsu

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