Injustice 2 Trailers: Darkseid of Joker’s Brainiac


I know, the title is a bit of stretch, but there is just so much great Injustice 2 content!

Injustice 2’s release is a few weeks away, and the hype train keeps rolling with trailers for Darkseid, Joker, and Brainiac. Darkseid seems like a powerhouse! His Omega Beams alone make him seem almost impossible to beat. It doesn’t matter if you’re in the air, trying to duck, or if he is facing away from you. Those beams are going to find you.

WOAH…Joker’s charge ability is brutal. In the Injustice YouTube comments, there have been complaints that Flash is the only character with a good super, but I think Joker’s might have stolen the top spot. Having Robin in the chair made it that much better and the Jason Todd mention! Injustice definitely put some thought into who the featured characters are fighting in these trailers. This Joker seems like a mix of the Arkham series and Suicide Squad movie Jokers, and I’m loving it! It’s not too far of a departure from the traditional look, and he has the malice that Leto’s Joker was missing.

As we saw in the fifth and final story trailer, Brainiac is the main antagonist for the game. He wants to cultivate the best Earth has to offer and destroy the planet. Add that to the three factions competing for control, and Injustice 2 is going to be a brawler of a game.

Injustice 2 comes out May 16. Pre-order now on PS4 or XBox One to get Darkseid as a bonus character.

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