Final Fantasy XV: “Where’s Gentiana??”

Where's Gentiana?
Can you find Gentiana in this picture? Click for full size.

Final Fantasy 15’s camera use dynamic has taken the visual aspect of a game and made it tangible for the player. It allows gamers to save a favorite moment automatically or manually on their own terms. One thing is certain though, some pictures Prompto takes can be a bit creepy, funny, weird, or epic. To be able to catch the elusive Gentiana in a picture is another feat in itself. So much so that there’s an achievement for it. The immortal goddess herself can appear at any point in time in the game. However, you will never see her; you will only capture her briefly in a picture. Sometimes you have to look really hard to see if she’s even in the picture, even when Prompto says “There’s Gentiana again”.

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