PAX Unplugged: Tabletop Goodness!

PAX Unplugged is open season for tabletop games of all kind. You need to get it while it’s hot! Registration opened yesterday, which you can find here. When people think of PAX, they think of bright lights, noise, a s**t ton of people, vendors, and of course fun. PAX Unplugged is all the same, minus the tons of people and possibly less noise, but there isn’t any certainty in that statement either. Look, I know some people are thrown off because this isn’t about video games *shocker*, but it’s before video games were created. Table top was and still is the way to go! The format is going to be the same. Vendors and other companies are going to be there showing their wares including new games that aren’t on the market yet. *Wizards of the Coast, I’m eyeballing you!*

This is going to a much more relaxing affair that I personally can’t wait to see! In fact, the reason this event is happening is because at the other PAX events the table top interest was growing so much that it was beneficial to create a such thing as PAX Unplugged so that could stand on its own. With the name of PAX, the hype will be there without a question, and placed in the heart of Philadelphia will only help its cause. Will we see you there November 17th – 19th? Leave a comment below and let us know.

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