Pokemon GO – Grass Event “Worldwide Bloom”

Leave it to Niantic to be late to the party, if you catch my drift. By about 2 weeks to be exact.  Niantic decided now would be a good time to start a “Grass” event. Starting tomorrow May 5th around 4 pm and lasting until May 8th.

The event is going to feature an increased amount of Grass type Pokemon spawns and lures will last 6 hours. Not a very huge event as we seen in the past but at least it’s something. Expect to see more Bulbasaur and Chikorita’s, which will help fill your Pokedex if you haven’t got Venusaur or Meganium yet. This could also be a great opportunity to catch more Oddish for those that haven’t got Bellossom due to lack of candy after evolving into Vileplume. Don’t forget you still need those elusive Sun Stone’s to get Bellossom!


Good luck out there trainers and remember be safe and watch were you’re going!

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