Updated: Injustice 2: All Your Questions Answered


Update: The Injustice 2 mobile game will be available May 11 according to this DC Entertainment YouTube video.

We’re 1 week away from the release of Injustice 2! Netherrealm has finally shown us how the meta game will play out and how mobile integrates with the console version. They start off reminding us what the basic story is. You can get check out the 5 story trailers for more details. TL;DR Justice League is no more, Batman and Superman are fighting for control, the bad guys formed their own faction, and Brainiac decides to swing by to complicate things even more. They also rehash the expansive character roster, and they remind you that with the Gear System what you equip a character with alters their stats and possibly give them unique moves. Now we get to the new stuff.


injustice 2 multiverse

The story mode and online battles aren’t enough for you? Then the Multiverse is for you. Think of them as the towers in Mortal Kombat. You battle up the tower and encounter tougher enemies as you go. With each battle you win you can get new gear for your player. Of course, each battle will have a modifier to keep things interesting, and the battles in the Multiverse keep changing. A battle/reward could be available for a week, day, or even just one hour. This is a great way to keep players engaged. We’ve seen a similar tactic being used in Final Fantasy XV with timed quests.

injustice 2 multiverse rewards


injustice 2 guild

You can join or create a guild with your friends and/or other players to compete for daily and weekly challenge prizes. You can use the guild challenges to gain more experience to level up your character and to dominate the leaderboards. Succeed as a group or fail as one.

injustice 2 guild reward

Mobile Game

injustice 2 mobile

As with Injustice 1, there will be a mobile game on iOS and Android that will unlock items in the console version by completing challenges, but the trailer isn’t clear if playing the console game will unlock mobile game items. Unlike the first game, the storyline from the console version will also be in the mobile game. You truly take the game wherever you are. You can win character shards to rank up your character to boost their stats or possibly unlock a new ability. This is a common feature in mobile games. Ninja Turtles: Legends uses this method in the same way. You have to get a defined number of character cards to rank up a character to unlock new abilities. The TMNT game also has 3 tiers (bronze, silver, gold) and going up in tiers further enhances that character with higher stats and better abilities. It looks like Injustice 2 mobile will use these tiers as well. You can see in the image below that the outlines around characters are different colors.

injustice 2 mobile shards

Bonus Content: Championship Series

Yesterday the Injustice 2 Championship Series was announced. There will be an Injustice 2 tournament with a combined total prizes of $600,000! Join one of the programs listed on their website, and the best players from those programs will advance to the grand finals in October. Visit injustice.com/esports for more details and to get started on your path to glory and cash prizes!



All of my questions have been answered with this trailer, and I’ve already registered to get Injustice 2 mobile on Android when it’s released. Hopefully it releases later this week. Check out all of our current and future Injustice 2 content by clicking here.

Are you going to play the console and mobile game or would you prefer to just play the free mobile game? Which character are you looking forward to playing as?

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