Samsung S8(+) Review: The bold, the beautiful and the reckless!

Samsung… A name that is always been connected to apple as a rival, even with the nexus and pixel devices in view.  Samsung each year produces one beautiful piece of work each year *mwah*. However 2016 was their “Year of the Fall”. You almost can’t talk about Samsung without mentioning the debacle that was the Note 7. Nevertheless, the good news is the issues that plagued the Note 7 aren’t evident in S8 and S8 plus. Now you can all exhale! I have been using the S8 for a week as well as the s8 plus for a week and a half and for the most part these are breathtaking phones. Curved here and there, the new colors and the new 2:1 resolutions are amazing. Keep in mind, the new resolutions have decent points, but the idea of these screen is to provide more real estate so that you can do more. That is good but we’re still not at a point where the technology is utilized in apps and most videos. For most videos you will definitely get that letter box look which nobody loves. My personal feelings are that Samsung should have kept working with the traditional QHD(2560×1440) and introduced QHD+ with the Note 8. It would have given them time to present the idea for more 18:9 content instead of anticipating Netflix or YouTube will have it pre-launch.

On to something else. I can’t compliment these devices any more without someone thinking I’m practically a spokesperson for Samsung. However, for most people the design is really beautiful yet completely reckless. Prior years with Samsung, they started using metals and gorilla glass which molded into stunning hardware. While that’s all very well and good for the flat models(S6/S7) but all the curve models are very alarming to hold in hand and not worry of dropping or finding proper protection(tempered glass or cases) which is difficult.

Like I said before, the design is breathtaking but reckless and as a potential buyer be forewarned to buy a case. I’m not talking about the $ .99 cases from the corner, get a name Dbrand Skin or a Tech 21 case just to name a few. Well moving along, Software! The iris scanner, face detector along with the fingerprint sensor give the owner a triple protection force that I think is just awesome and much needed with the world we live in today. Personally, I feel, while the FPS is placed awkwardly on the phone, I found it the most consistent and more secure (like I said my personal opinion). It’s simpler, easy to remember but then again iris and face detection are very fast, secure and look bond-style. This brings me to Samsung UX Android 7.0. I have to say, being someone who prefers stock Android, Samsung has refined its software so much so that the original days of “Touchwiz” are a faded memory I can live with because it was a dumpster fire. Here’s “Touchwiz”…

Here’s Samsung Grace UX

Just from testing the latest Grace UX, it’s come a long way from past iteration. It’s fast, organized and stunning! It’s highly customizable with different with themes motion wallpapers and etc.  So I am not a fan of Bixby yet. I feel like this is the Amazon Alexa on Huawei Mate 9 all over again. While one is baked into the software and Alexa was not; I feel like Bixby is just not needed when Google Assistant has been doing a more than an adequate job of searching what we need. If anything, I would like for it to be an optional install from the Samsung market until it’s on the level of Google Assistant.

Samsung has been tweaking the software to assist battery life and performance which is thanks to the SD835 chip, but we’ll get to that later. To sum up Samsung UX, you will not be disappointed. Well, we sort of got off track from hardware, but I felt it only necessary to discuss The SnapDragon 835 with Adreno 540, lightning fast is understatement. So I’m not going to go into benchmarks, because honestly I’m more concerned about real world performance. With the SD835, you’re literally at the precipice of fast and in real world like multitasking, graphic intensive apps and games. I play Need For Speed and not even a glimmer of slowdown appeared. Bluetooth 5.0 is stronger than before bringing multi-connectivity and faster transfer speeds. I felt that it was time to bring the camera into the mix. The single lens Sony IMX330 12MP sensor may seem similar to Sony IMX260 12MP found in the S7/S7 Edge but in this newly updated

sensor you can tell it’s been tweaked to take on dual lens cameras in the battle of low light and details in well lit areas. By the way, these are auto mode photos, I chose not to use manual modes or touch ups just to show the raw performance.

Still photos are excellent! As you can see here, one was taken in the dark with next to no light and one is taken with decent lighting. When it comes to videos, even better. Rear Video samples in 4k and 1080p

4K :


Front facing camera 8MP camera is no slouch and definitely great for video calling. I took a few google duo calls and noticed plenty of detail for the video quality. Selfies are now in a category of their own as well. Much like video, the still photos are just as great and have filters which is something amazing in itself.

The sound quality from the bottom speakers sound better than anything heard from Samsung’s prior devices; while I always hoped they would use dual front facing speakers, the bottom speakers are just as good nowadays. Luckily Samsung took it a step further with the Samsung Made/AKG Tuned ear buds that come prepackaged and you won’t be disappointed. I have to admit, these are AMAZING for being a prepackaged headset. With the booming mids and high, you don’t skip a beat.


Well, to conclude this review, I would like to bring attention which one you should get. From my personal experience, I am currently using the S8 Plus. This phone has the gigantic screen, 500 MAH more battery life and a hefty hefty price tag (I dropped $214 on this mammoth). Prior to that, I had the S8 and I’ll say this, only get the S8 Plus if you really can afford it. I was too mesmerized by this phone when I bought it. The battery life has 3 hours more or less (until android 7.1.1 brings battery enhancements) on the S8 and S8 Plus and you’re not missing out on any features between the two. So, like I was saying please buy based on the fact you love the device. You need to make sure know which size works better for you and your budget (wish I had taken that advice). Please remember this, no matter which one you get, you will not be disappointed at all! If anything, you’ll be rewarded, if your wallet doesn’t catch fire (not literally though).

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