Galaxy S8/S8 Plus X Doria Defense Lux: A Hidden Gem 

The Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus is what I call beautifully reckless. It’s edgy design comes with a unique screen. With that said, these devices need cases before the words “May I have the Galaxy S” part your lips. Now, you could go with a skin, but that only protects it against minor cosmetic damages. Some skin examples are a Dbrand /Slickwrap or Toast .

Like I said, the skins are awesome. However, you need something more substantial and built to protect. I was shocked to learned that the  company X Doria released a case for anything other than a apple device. I was intrigued  by the look, specifically the leather edition. Its very well cut and refined in all trims,  It fits the S8 plus like a custom made glove. I love how grippy it is. You can walk around or put it down on a slippery service and breath.

The materials are premium and hold up pretty well for the price. This current condition is 3 weeks old.

When it comes to the materials, I would say its military grade, durable, machined aluminum exterior frame providing military-level drop protection. The interior is a soft rubber interior lining combined with a hard poly-carbonate shell for protection. The raised lip protects your screen from drops and surface scratches. What sets it apart from other cases in $25-$35 range is the drop-testing. Its survival drop range is 6.6′ (2M) on concrete exceeding the MIL-STD-810 standards. I personally would give this case a solid 5 out of 5; however, there is one design flaw with the case that would have made it a solid 5; That is the  speaker cover placement.

 It literally is one of the best cases I’ve used. Unfortunately this flaw muffles the speaker just a little. You can still here sounds and calls (voices are still clear). It’s just not as bass heavy as without the case. I have used cases that cost more than this one and reception was affected, the fingerprint sensor was made more difficult to reach and etc. From my experience, that is the only flaw with this case and I’m keeping it as my sole day to day case. If you decide to look into a X Doris case,  I’ll provide the link to the website. There is also a link to Amazon where it is also sold.$34.9


Samsung Galaxy S8

Samsung Galaxy S8+

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