(Was) Live Blog: Microsoft BUILD Conference

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We were live blogging Microsoft’s BUILD conference earlier today. Click the link below to watch the stream or read through the live blog of the presentation.

Watch the recording: https://channel9.msdn.com/Events/Build/2017/KEY01

  • The presentation opens with a flyover of a Minecraft version of the Microsoft campus and Seattle
  • Satya Nadella walks onto the stage to welcome everyone
  • WOAH!! Two Harmon/Kardon Invoke are just sitting on the table with other partner products like HP and Dell! It’s not officially announced yet.
  • Satya talks about an old presentation he did in the 90’s that someone posted and shows an old photo of himself
  • His daughter said that the less hair he has the more powerful computers have become
  • Timeless values and principles should be preserved via technology
    • Building trust in technology is crucial for this to become a reality
  • Nadella wants Microsoft to enable everybody to be able to get more done, especially developers (it is a developer conference)
  • There are now 500 million Windows devices that are accessible to dev.s via the Windows Store
  • Satya is now talking about Cortana (Invoke feature soon???)
  • 12 million organizations are using Microsoft’s cloud services including Fortune 500 companies; they’re accessible to dev.s
  • He is talking about conversations as interactions and digital assistants and using gestures with mixed reality
  • Multi-device, AI, and serverlessĀ  interaction
  • It’s no longer about cloud-first technology (a big shift from Microsoft’s previous messaging)
  • It’s more about being available on whatever device that’s in your hand (similar messaging as cloud-first)
  • In an event driven world you want to be able to be responsive to those events in a mobile space
  • Serverless computation is the core of the future of distributed computing
  • Will change the core of Windows, Office, and Azure

  • Sandvik is the first demo of a 150 year old company utilizing cloud data from machines for maintenance, performance, etc.
  • They created an app to monitor all of that data
  • They should be able to make decisions on when to shutdown a device before issues happen with no latency
  • Those decisions were moved out of the cloud
  • Maintenance used to be done at regular intervals instead of when the data said it was needed
  • The data helps them save money by not over or under estimating the reliability of the devices
  • The machine being showed on the screen costs $1 million and has 900 moving parts
  • There is also fail safe info locally in case of network shutdown
    sandvik dashboard
  • “Edge” seems to be the buzzword for all of this. That’s confusing since Edge is the latest Microsoft browser
  • Azure IoT Edge
    • can be run on devices smaller than Raspberry Pi
  • Satya is back on stage
    satya nadella build conference 2017
  • Nadella going to the extreme!!
  • He talks about using all the data available to us today to prevent workplace accidents before they happen
  • Video Time!!!

  • AI and cameras can be used to recognize people and objects in real time
  • Example: there is a material spill, the camera can recognize it and warn others as well as alert maintenance to clean the spill
  • Example: hospitals can use it to recognize a patient having a tough time in a hallway, it alerts a nearby nurse, the nurse goes to the patient to help them
  • Andrea Carl is on stage to show how this is possible
    • Workplace safety is paramount
    • You can deploy people and/or object recognition
      object recognition
    • You can see in real time what non-employees are on the job, and you can add new members via the app
    • You can also get notifications of work place safety violations triggered by the cameras
    • The “Intelligent Edge” recognizes people, objects, and scenarios
    • More info during the next 12 months
    • This feature seems like Kinect taken to the next level
  • Intelligent edge and everyday devices
    • Office 365 was the start of this
    • The workload was shifted to the cloud
    • People, activities, and their devices have been moved to the cloud
    • O365 is used for daily online interaction that used to happen in other less efficient ways in the past
    • This will have more of a focus in the Windows presentation tomorrow
    • People interact before, during, and after a meeting, and they want access to all of the data from that meeting where they are on the device they’re using
    • DEMO TIME!!!

    • They’re using the Invoke!!!
      using invoke
    • She was able to tell Cortana to set her away message, and Cortana did that as well as notified her boss and updated her calendar
    • She is demoing Cortana in her “car”
      cortana in the car
    • Cortana recognizes the device she is using and provides different info based on the device
    • She was able to join the meeting directly from her car using Cortana
    • The Teams app is being demoed on an iPhone (services on the device you’re using)
    • The Teams app is also aware of when she is in a meeting and switches to conference mode automatically
    • You can also interact with bots
    • The bot interactions seem like things Cortana could do herself
    • Haha, she was talking about Cortana and Cortana activated on the Invoke. The fun side of demos
  • Satya returns
    satya returns
  • Video highlight of a dev. with a vision that attacks the task
  • They’re working to create a product that will counteract the tremors in the client’s hands
  • They try using small vibration motors to counter the tremors
  • The improvement is noticeable!
  • With a simple wristband the developer was able to help her write her name for the first time in ages
  • Time for the Azure segment

  • New technology can be overwhelming for dev.s to keep up with
  • Companies are relying heavily on their dev.s to be on top of everything
  • Add hacking to that mix and you get even more stress
  • Demo time again
  • He has created a customized dashboard for his team to make the data easily accessible
    azure dashboard
  • Azure now has power shell built in
    azure cloud shell
  • You can use it to create thousands virtual machines on the fly and much more
  • There is now an Azure mobile app on Android and iOS (what about their own Windows Mobile???)
    • Update: Microsoft is working on a UWP Windows Mobile app according to this tweet from Etienne Margraff
  • The shell script is also available inside the app
  • I’ll be honest, this portion of the presentation is beyond my knowledge, so I recommend you check out the Azure section of the video if you’re interested in Azure and it’s app and integrations.
  • Hmm, a Visual Studio Mac demo
    visual studio on mac
  • I don’t know many IT departments that use a Mac, but it’s nice to see Microsoft isn’t leaving those users in the dark
  • Visual Studio for Mac is released! You can download it now
    • Existing licenses will enable you to download the Mac version
  • 90% of Fortune 500 companies use the Microsoft cloud
    companies in ms cloudsql 2017
  • SQL is available in the cloud and on-premises
  • A new instance can be setup in 60 seconds
  • No need for virtual machines or worrying about applying patches with Microsoft hosted servers
  • Azure Database Migration service releasing this year
  • Transfer all of your databases with no code or database changes
  • DocuSign is moving from their local hosted servers to Azure Cloud Services
    • They process 1.1 million transactions per day
    • They need reliable flash storage for speed and reliability
  • Microsoft just announced Azure Cosmos DB
    azure cosmos
  • Use whatever database scripts you prefer
  • Scale up over time with no downtime
  • They’re guaranteeing 1 millisecond delays
  • Time for another client demo featuring Jet this time to show it’s not just vaporware
  • Jet has been using Cosmos DB for the past year
  • Jet was able to scale to handle 1 trillion interactions on Black Friday
  • Cosmos DB enables dev.s to expand their database globally with a few clicks on a map
  • If your data is located in New York but you see a boom in usage from Tokyo, then click servers in that region to provide a better experience for those users.
    • Pokemon GO could’ve used this feature last year
  • Did somebody say pizza???
  • Time for a Domino’s client video
    Domino’s isn’t a sponsor. I’m just hungry.
  • Azure enables Domino’s to be agile, and they only pay for the data they use and scripts they run
  • Carnival Cruise Lines are also a client
    • With the ability to use cloud servers and local systems to always be connected even in the middle of the ocean during a storm
  • There are 38 Azure regions across the globe with the main clusters in the eastern United States and in Europe
  • Azure stack enables dev.s to write their code once in the global cloud and then deploy it locally within a single country that doesn’t allow for their data to be stored outside of the company
  • They’re now talking about Adobe and Microsoft’s partnership
    • Adobe has become one of the biggest SaaS solutions company
    • They use Microsoft’s Cloud services for their Adobe Cloud services to handle their programs, services, and user files
    • 90+ trillion server transactions to date
    • I’m hearing a lot of buzzwords
  • It looks like they removed the Harmon/Kardon Invoke and the other laptops on the table. I know this is a developer conference, but it would be nice to at least talk about the hardware and products you’re using. Using a product that isn’t officially announced yet is such a tease.

That’s the end of our Microsoft BUILD 2017 live blog. Thank you for reading along, and let us know what your favorite part of the presentation was in the comment section below.


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