Final Fantasy XV New Timed Quest Hunt: Tyraneant; Noctis and Crew vs The Groot Family

Okay, so maybe you’re not fighting baby Groot’s family, but you can’t tell me that those daemons don’t share any resemblance? I digress. Square Enix, you have once again given us gamers a challenge worth finishing; quickly and efficiently at that too. The new timed quest, if you don’t already know, is centered around QP or quest points. These points are what allow you acquire the new “Afrojack” sword that cost 1000 QP among other various items. The first quest was all about fishing, now it’s all about hunting. Hunting four (yes…four) 850k HP “Groot-uncles” called Tyraneant. Check out last night’s stream below for the full details on how to beat these four shrub beasts!

Playing the new quest for the first time was no easy feat at all. I went in at first playing on normal as always. After using overwhelm, armiger, and 3 magic flask’s, only taking off about 10% of the beasts HP, I knew then this was not gonna be a walk in the park. In the video stream you can clearly see I switched to easy mode (just like when defeating Ma X Angelus for Magitek Suits) which allowed me to cause a bit more damage. Only Greatswords, Firaga, Polearms, and Machinery can do any type of decent damage. Everything else is either nullified or halved by the daemon.

For a more detailed “how to” guide, click on the video’s details above for more help!

Happy Hunting!!

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