(Was) Live Blog: Microsoft BUILD Conference Day 2

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We were live blogging day 2 of Microsoft’s BUILD conference. Click the link below to watch the stream or read through the live blog of the presentation.

Watch the stream: https://channel9.msdn.com/?wt.mc_id=build_hp


  • Just waiting for Microsoft to kick things off t 11:30am eastern time
  • The music they’re playing has the Windows 10 notification/alert sound in it. I keep looking around to find the notification…AH, they did it again
  • They should start any time now
  • HERE WE GO!!

  • Today will be focused on Windows, and the opening video is vert creator focused just like their messaging for the Creators Update
  • We see coders, musicians, architects, and graphic artists
  • Terry Myerson is kicking things off
  • “Windows has been a place to unlock creativity”
  • The Creators Update is rolling out to over 500 million people
  • Windows 10 is now the most used version of Windows
  • Where are the numbers???
  • Yesterday focus on machines, but today will focus on the people
  • Platform wars have made it tough to provide a consistent user experience across all platforms and devices
  • We will learn about the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update
    • This is consistent with the 2 major Windows updates per year model Microsoft adopted
  • Windows 10 Fall Creators Update

    • Terry is going to show us something new that’s available cross devices and is a UWP in the Windows Store
    • Windows Story Remix
      • It will find your related photos and videos, create a video for it, you can edit it, and then share it
      • Take the photos/videos with your phone and they sync over to your PC
      • Add background tracks with Groove
      • The remix Library has a library of assets you can use
      • You can also “remix” or modify it to better fit what you want
      • Multiple people can work on the same project simultaneously (co-authoring)
    • Lorraine is going to give us more details
    • Paint 3D and Remix 3D work in sync with Story Remix
    • Demo time
      story remix

      • You can search for people, places, and random things
      • It auto recognizes those objects
      • Story Remix can sync photos from users not on the same account
      • In the example she is working on a video with assets from the other parents
      • Inking and pen support is included
      • You can anchor text to a player and the text will follow that player
        story remix2
      • You can make your kid the star of the video by just tapping their thumbnail
      • Story Remix will update the video to feature that person
      • Click the Remix button to have the app completely redo the scenes, cuts, music, etc
      • You can access the “timeline” of the whole video or clip to remove a clip, extend another clip, etc
      • You can also pan and zoom into the existing the video
      • Selecting a different song will remix the video to fit the beats in the music
      • Remix 3D Community
        • Access it from withing Story Remix
        • Has assets from the creators in the community for you to use
        • The API will be made available to dev.s
        • The assets also display well online in a browser
      • Lorraine took a meteor from a scene, anchored it to the soccer ball, and it followed the ball all the way into the net
        • No 3D modeling experience needed
      • She just added an explosion to the soccer ball going into the goal, and you’re able to anchor assets to the surface so it doesn’t move even if the camera does
      • Story Remix will be available with the fall update
      • Joe Belfiore is back!!!

      • He has blonde hair now…as long as he likes it
        joe bolfiore
      • He will talk about a new design system and Windows interaction with Microsoft Graph
      • Fluent Design System
        • video time
        • Light, Depth, Motion, Material, Scale are the main buzzwords
          fluent design
        • This looks like the Neon design that Microsoft has been working on
        • It’s very dynamic
        • There are some obvious HTML5 and CSS3 inspiration
        • There is a lot of transparency and motion in the examples
        • Scale seems to be hinting at how augmented reality will shape designing
        • Ink has become more popular in the app store
        • Showing Ink working in Edge
          • Use Ink to write out text or a URL
          • Strike through text to delete text
          • You’ll get search prediction as you Ink
          • Scroll a page with a pen
        • Those features in Edge also work in Word and other apps and programs
        • Ink annotations in a PDF
          • Use the pen to write your notes on top of the PDF
          • Save it as a PDF
          • And sent it to someone
          • They will get it as a PDF, and they can interact with the PDF in the same ways
      • Microsoft Graph
        • Sherri, the person in the example, does multiple tasks daily with a variety of devices
        • Windows PCs will interact and sync between all devices across all devices into a unified cloud
        • Your PC will do that using the Microsoft Graph
        • OneDrive Files On-demand
          • Sherri’s Documents folder has been shifted to ODFOD to make all those files available on any device
          • You can select individual documents that should always be saved to the local drive
          • It will sync as it’s updated
          • Team collaboration: changes others make will also sync to Sherri’s devices
        • In the new example, a file was just created on the desktop, saved, and it was synced to that same location on a Surface Book and her phone’s file explorer
          • This takes file syncing a step further. Dropbox requires you to save files in their folder and nowhere else. With this feature you can save a file anywhere and sync it to another device in that same location
        • This feature is part of the OS and not an add-on
      • Windows Timeline
        • Resume what you were doing on another device
        • You can see what you were doing that day in any app/program
        • Selecting an app will jump you right back to where you were and what you were doing
        • The data is stored in Microsoft Graph
        • You can search the Timeline to find events
        • Cortana can display Timeline suggestions
          • Clicking the notification will pull the file from the cloud and you can work on it right away
        • Timeline and Cortana’s integration works on iOS as well

          • Joe has been using Microsoft devices until now. A nice change from yesterday.
        • If you don’t have the app installed on a device, you’ll be prompted to download it
      • How can a user setup this deep connection?
        • Go into your Windows 10 settings and select the phone option once the fall update is released
      • Cloud-powered Clipboard
        • You can copy/paste from one device to another
        • Now showing a Galaxy S8 in the demo
        • SWIFT keyboard can display the content from the cloud-powered clipboard
        • A location name copied from the desktop will appear on a mobile device so you can paste the store’s name into a Map app
        • This seems like such a small feature, but I’m sure we’ve all emailed ourselves things so they were available on another device
          day 2 conference
          Look at that! It’s a Windows phone on the screen.
    • We have a new presenter…I can’t pronounce or type his name..sorry
      presenter 3

      • Modernizing code base
      • We’re hearing about another bridge
      • .NET will make it easier to target platforms and devices
        net 2
      • UWP apps will support .NET 2.0 later this year
      • You can get a preview for iOS, Android, and Windows
      • XAML Standard 1.0 will be available later this year
        • This spec is under development now
      • XAML will provide a unified UI across platforms
      • I hope this works, but we’ve heard of app bridges before and they haven’t paid off
  • Fluent Design System

    • UWP apps will scale to fit the screen size or window size
    • Similar to responsive web design, content will resize fluidly and some content will only show at specific sizes
    • Showing how the Ink commands work in UWP apps as well
    • The “acrylic” material provides a slight transparency
      • You only have to specify the tint color, level of transparency, and a fallback color in case the transparency isn’t compatible with a device
      • This is very similar to HTML5 and CSS3
    • Connected animations can be used to make moving between features and screens smoother and more dynamic
    • It seems like the “Neon” code name is gone and replaced by Fluent Design. It makes sense once you see it in action.
    • Project Rome SDK is available on iOS, Android, and Windows
      proj rome
    • Demo time on an S8
      • Enter a client’s data on a mobile device
      • Go to a desktop PC and open Timeline
      • Click on the activity in the Timeline and continue what you were doing
  • Terry Myerson is back on stage
  • Time to talk about the Windows Store
    • Continuous app delivery
    • Full UWP capabilities are coming to Visual Studio mobile center
    • You can test your app in a cloud server on any device running any OS
    • Now we’re hearing about Windows 10 S
    • Yes, Spotify is coming to the Windows Store, as mentioned last week
    • iTunes is coming to the Windows Store!!!
      • Apple Music and iPhone support are included
    • SAP’s Digital Boardroom is coming too
      • It’s a web app that is now downloadable via the store
    • Autodesk’s Senior Manager is now on the stage

      • They developed a UWP version of SketchBook to enable pen, touch, and Surface Dial
      • Distribution access of the Windows Store enabled them to enter new markets
      • 35% month over month sales increase in 2016; it out paced their mobile apps
      • Introduction of the subscription model was a boom to their business too
      • Video time
  • Windows as the best dev box

    • Ubuntu is now in the Windows Store!!!
    • Suse and Fedora are also coming to the Windows Store!!!
    • Microsoft is making it even easier to use Linux
    • Develop iOS app from Visual Studio
      visual studio ios

      • They’re using Xamarin Live in a similar way as Apple uses TestFlight
      • Push an app to the device from within Visual Studio
      • Updates made in the code dynamically update in the app in real-time
      • No need to keep redownloading the app
    • Creating tools to help make apps that are accessible to those with disabilities
      • Narrator is on every Windows 10 PC
      • It will read what is on the screen, but how does a dev know if that’s a good experience?
      • Enabling a mode will black out the screen forcing the dev to use the app as a sight impaired person would
        win home
  • HoloLens is about to appear
    Early proof of concept
    • Examples
      • Japan Airlines are using HoloLens to train people on how to repair a jet engine without taking a plane out of action
      • A local pizza place is using HoloLens to do retail space planning to place items in the space without needing the physical item
      • Home elevator companies are using HoloLens to quickly map a staircase and deploy an elevator to those in need
    • Alex Kipman is on stage
    • Wow, HoloLens has really only been available for just one year?!?
    • 5.5 million hours have been spent using HoloLens apps
    • Video time again
      • Showing how hologram hack-a-thons are being held all over
      • Big companies like Boeing and local artists are finding new ways to use HoloLens and mixed reality
    • HoloLens is in 9 countries and China will join that group at the end of the month
    • There is a lot of talk about “in the future”
    • It’s clear we aren’t there yet, but we will in time
    • There are now 3 headsets in addition to the self contained HoloLens
    • Windows 10 is the only OS made for mixed reality devices; it’s the only OS that doesn’t require external sensors or expensive setups
    • New product: motion controllers for mixed reality
    • The headset tracks the controllers (compatible with existing headsets???)
    • This holiday, Acer will have a $399 headset and controller bundle
    • Cirque Du Soleil and Microsoft collaboration

      • HoloLens helped Cirque design their live shows’ set pieces
      • It enables them to virtually build the stage before construction has begun
      • HoloLens also works with their current programs and place items on the stage
      • Michelle in Europe is joining them virtually
        cirque remote
      • Michelle could be using the new motion controllers since his avatar is holding them
      • They can also add virtual performers in the virtual space to preview how a performance will look on the set
        cirque 2
      • Starting today you can preorder the Acer and HP dev kits
      • Consumers can get the headsets this holiday season

That’s it! Thank you for joining us for our BUILD day 2 keynote live blog. Let us know in the comments what your favorite part of the keynote was.

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