Injustice 2: Launch Trailer

Launch week is finally here! Injustice 2 comes out on PS4 and Xbox One tomorrow, so this is your last chance to preorder it and get Darkseid as a playable character. As usual, each retailer has an extra item to entice you to buy it from them instead of a competitor. If you still haven’t preordered your copy, here is a list of what you’ll get from each retailer. Click on your preferred console to go to that retailer’s website.

  • Amazon: PS4 Xbox
    • Amazon Prime members get 20% off
  • SUPERGIRL ORIGINS Comic (while supplies last)
    Introducing Supergirl to the world of INJUSTICE! Years before she came to Earth, and long before she became Supergirl, Kara Zor-El was like any other girl growing up on Krypton. But when Brainiac’s forces attacked the planet, her family put her in a rocket and sent her away – along with her cousin, the infant Kal-El. They did this to ensure that the heart of Krypton would never stop beating. This is her story, and it puts her on the path to discovering the truth about her cousin, Superman in the pages of the INJUSTICE 2 comic book series and the upcoming video game sequel.
    Click to see full size
  • GameStop: PS4 Xbox
    • Pre-order and pick-up Injustice 2 at GameStop on Day 1 and receive an Exclusive Injustice 2 Jersey
    • Yes this does mean you have to pick up the game and jersey in person on day 1. Call ahead to make sure your local GameStop will have a jersey left for you.
      click to view full size
  • Walmart: PS4 Xbox
    • Get a coupon for $8 off a Wonder Woman movie ticket. Make sure you get one of the games marked as Walmart exclusive to get the coupon. The discount is valid from 6/2 – 6/15.
  • Best Buy: PS4 Xbox
    • SOLD OUT: Looks like you had to be quick to get this bonus item. Best Buy was offering a hat with the Flash’s logo embroidered on it, but according to a support rep. they have all been claimed. It pays to preorder early sometimes.
    • You can still get 20% off if you join Best Buy’s Gamers Club Unlocked


If a retailer wasn’t mentioned above, then they’re only offering the Darkseid preorder bonus. Which preorder items are you getting? I ordered the Ultimate Edition from Amazon (I used reward points to bring the price down). What character do you think has the best super? Sound off in the comments below. Click here to check out our other Injustice 2 content.

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