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Bragi is hosting a special event today in New York City. To say details are sparse would be an understatement. As a Kickstarter backer, I got an email from Bragi announcing the event and extending a few hundred of us invites to the event. It will be backers, some press/media, and Bragi staff including their CEO Nikolaj Hviid. The doors open at 5:30pm, and the event starts at 6:30pm. Bragi made sure that no “fakers” could get into the event by saying they were a backer. They checked responses against their backer database to ensure we are who we say we are.

There is a lot of speculation on what will be revealed at the event. Their Dash headphones are able to get software updates (new features, enhanced sound quality, etc), and it has been a while since we got the last one. Bragi had been following a pretty regular release schedule until now, so we expect that a new software version will be released. However, what that potential update contains is known only to Bragi. Second, many people are hoping for a Dash Version 2. This seems very likely because Bragi released their second product Headphone (see our review) with only press at the event. Why invite Kickstarter backers of the Dash to this event if not to reveal the next version? If they take the enhancements from the Headphones (better Bluetooth connection/reliability, longer battery life, newer audio drivers, etc) and put them into the Dash 2, then I would say that is a must have device! Also, going to Bluetooth 5 would be nice. It greatly extends the signal range/strength and has faster data transfer.

I will be at the event to see everything unfold in person. I’ll do a recap of the event, and potential products, tomorrow. Bragi will be live-streaming the event for those that are unable to make it. You can check out the stream below.

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