Nintendo to offer free trial to Switch owners for Arms 

Nintendo is going to have a “Global Punchfire” event to allow Switch owners an early look at the game ahead of launch. They will allow gamers to download the title and play on 2 separate weekends. The dates are May 26th through the 28th and again on June 2nd through the 4th. All 10 of the game characters will be available to play and use each with 3 signature arms. Nintendo also announced that they will add more characters to the roster as more levels for free post launch! Some of you may remember, they did a similar move with Splatoon 2. This is a great way to give gamers a chance to see if they are interested in buying the whole game; as well as, it helps build hype for new products. Let’s hope the House of Mario keeps this up for other high profile titles in the future.

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