Netflix to bring The Witcher to a binge box near you

Good news Witcher fans, Netflix has reportedly picked up a show based on the novels and games by Andrzej Sapkowski. Get ready to ignore friends, family, work and other adult responsibilities as you binge watch Geralt of Rivia slaughter his way across Nilfgaard to protect his adopted daughter Ciri. If Netflix can put up the right budget, we’re possibly looking at the next Game of Thrones. Violence, check. Deep folklore, check. Badass mythological beast, check. Sex, check. All I know is I better see him rip a Griffin’s head off at some point! The Witcher is known for its ambiguous approach to morality. It will be interesting to see how this translates into a television show. Will it portray Geralt as a stone cold assassin who goes around killing for coin or will they display a humanized side of him to pander to modern audiences? The release date and casting have yet to be announced, but if Netflix’s recent releases of original shows are any indication, then we are definitely in for a good time!

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