Splatoon’s Marie has Something to Hide

Finishing out the Arms Nintendo Direct today was a little splatter of Splatoon surprise.  That’s Right!  The first Splatoon 2 campaign trailer was shown off today, and much like Arms, it looks to pack a helluva punch.

A much expanded Arowana Mall is the first scene we’re delighted with, leading up to a very familiar scenario.  A mysterious figure in a sewer drain greets you just before the player excitedly reaches the arena.

The gameplay itself shows of several dynamic and action packed stages with a TON of tricks and new toys to splat some baddies with.  There also may be a few glimpses of bigger, better, more interesting boss battles.  While they weren’t a problem in the first game, they did tend to lean on the repetitive side.  Coming out in July, Splatoon 2 looks to be the next big thing with the switch

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