The Hype Train Has Arrived! Top 5 Things You Should Know About Destiny 2’s Gameplay Reveal

Nolan North is back today at an event held in Los Angeles for Destiny 2. No, he was not there to fight Peter Dinklage from Game of Thrones, nor was either one of the two there to comment about their voice acting for the game. Hover, Nolan is indeed back in the Destiny universe. Sorry Tyrion! At any rate we watched the live stream by Bungie and Activision, which you too can watch below. We are speechless yet reserved in our excitement for the new journey. So what did we learn exactly in that one hour game-play reveal? Here are the 6 things you should look forward to so far for Destiny 2:

#1 No More Going To Orbit!!

By God the community has spoken! Traversing our solar system is now something that is second nature and you can now go to any planet without having to go to orbit. No more waiting around for someone to jump into your group. No more watching 2 mins or more (depending on your internet connection) watching your own ship repeat the same loading screen sequence in clouds, and no more having to go to orbit first before going to your next mission. This allows us trigger happy gamer’s to get back to the action much faster! THANK YOU!

#2 3 New Planets (finally!)

This was always something the community wanted for Destiny to have, along with more story content. Having new areas to explore and things to do, keeps you motivated to play the game. Nessus, Io, more of Earth, and Titan are the planets and moons of choice for the new story-line. Each playing a vital role for the main story-line just like the first. From the little that you can see in the stream, the new worlds look amazing and vast.

#3. New Map System

If you’re ever playing Horizon: Zero Dawn or any elder scrolls game, you know about large maps. Bungie apparently has brought that dynamic to Destiny 2 this time around. From icons indicating side missions to being able to fast travel anywhere within the game, the new map system has been long overdue. Granted we have yet to see it first hand to explore it more; however, first impressions are always good.

#4. New Weapon System

Machine guns, grenade launches, miniguns, OH MY! With the ability of choosing between a heavy or light kinetic weapon at will during combat, adapting to your enemy has never been sweeter. It takes so much time in the middle of a gun fight to go to your menu, switch to your icebreaker, rush the enemy, switch to your sword for the vex minions, ah crap Taken Vex Minotaur, switch to the “Gally”, I think you get my point. This is a very welcome addition to the mechanics of the game-play and I’m welcoming it with open arms.

#5. PC Gamers Your Time Has Arrived!

Blizzard crashed the game-play Bungie party! Destiny and Blizzard are essentially coming together through Blizzard’s Battlenet platform. This will allow PC gamers to finally be able to experience Destiny first hand.

#6. “Solo No Mo”

Trying to look around for a raid party is now over. With a new social “guided game system” built into the game (aka official clan support), if a party is running a raid and need more players, and you run solo you can join that party. Possibly later on in the game, join their clan. It’s good to know that Bungie saw this as a shot in their own foot preventing NUMEROUS players from being able to play the end game content. The social aspect of destiny is what makes the game great. To be able to take on challenges together either with your friends or with new friends is an added plus to the game. Also, with the new system if you join a clan you can gain rewards as a group as well.


Destiny 2 Will release of September 8th on PC, Xbox One, and Playstation 4

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