Nintendo Rumor Mill – New Pokemon TCG and Zelda games for Mobile!

Take this with a grain of salt because not many details are out at all on either one of these games. There has been information floating around that Nintendo is in talks to make a new Pokemon TCG and Zelda games for Mobile.

Pokemon TCG – It’s being developed by The Pokemon Company and I personally read a couple different rumors about this. The first being it could be like Blizzard’s Hearthstone or set up like the old Gameboy Color Pokemon TCG with an RPG feel to it. There was also a rumor I read it could be a new design of the existing Pokemon TCG Online. ┬áThis one to me makes the least sense. The Pokemon TCG Online has a decent number of users and it’s available on all mobile platforms and is pretty popular. I hope they’d stray away from this route. Other than that there is no more information.

Zelda – Once again, not much information at all. It’s being co-developed with DeNA and it’s due out around the same time as the Animal Crossings mobile game, the end of this year. No farther details have been released and no pricing model has been announced. Could we see a free pay2win set up? Or like Super Mario Run – free to start but $10 to unlock the full game.

Would you guys play a Zelda mobile game, or dabble into a new type of Pokemon TCG? Let me know in the comments what you think!

Be sure to stay tuned and once more information is released we will be sure to do a follow up!

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    • Ah. Thank you for pointing this out. The title is deceiving. As far as I am aware the Zelda mobile game has no intentions of being a TCG. Sorry for the confusing title. I will change it.

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