The Bye Bye Man

“Don’t think it, dont say it.”

I recently came upon this movie like most of us, just browsing around looking for something to watch. Being an avid horror genre fan, I thought i’d give this a shot. The movie begins around a journalist in Madison, Wisconsin back in 1969 and the scene breaks down of him massacring everyone he loves and his neighbors while muttering the phrase “Don’t think it, don’t say it.” The movie than cuts to present time and our story starts to revolve around 3 college students – Elliot, his girlfriend Sasha and best friend John. Instead of living on campus they decide to rent a very old, very creepy house. It is in this house where all it took was mentioning his name once to be cursed. Rummaging through some old furniture, Elliot finds an end table with a name etched into it – The Bye Bye Man (any Candyman fans out there??). Once spoken out loud by anyone – you are marked and bad things start to happen to you and those around you. Visions, images, etc start to haunt you.

The Bye Bye Man has a sort of Voldemort, demon thing going on and he is always with his hell-hound over-sized dog looking creature. They never really explain who he is, where his hell-hound comes from or why mentioning his name marks you. He uses coins to lure you in which has no explanation either and he has very little screen time. You’d think with him being the bad guy and having his name in the title, you’d see more of him but nope. This is a big downside to the movie. It makes it sort of a lackluster and you can’t really get a feel of the characters presence or motives. He is just there if you say his name.

I personally like to rate horror movies on two different scales; a horror scale and normal scale. Horror movies never get the good reviews some deserve mainly due to unknown actors, low budget and cheesy story lines. With that being said, I thought in general for a horror movie it was definitely worth a watch. It is of course not the best horror movie out there, but it’s good in its own way. The story is straight forward and not too many twists are involved. The lack of character backgrounds don’t help. Also, the no real explanation of who the Bye Bye Man is doesn’t do it any justice either. For being unknown, the actors and actresses weren’t bad. The writing needed a lot of work and left a lot to be desired.  If you’re a huge fan of horror and can look past those things you may enjoy this movie. On the flip side, if your a casual horror fan or don’t really like horror that much – avoid this.

Horror rating – 3/5

Normal rating – 1.5/5

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